NBA Free Agency: Mavericks quietly re-tooling?

Darren Collison
Collison is on the move for the second time in his young NBA career as he will look to make an impact with the Dallas Mavericks.

Mark Cuban gets what he wants . . . most of the time. But after whiffing on both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, Cuban decided to go a different route. And it just might end up making the Dallas Mavericks better.

After losing out on Williams and Howard, and letting long-time 6th-man Jason Terry and point guard Jason Kidd go, the Mavericks roster was looking bare.

But leave it up to Cuban to fix the problem. The Mavericks signed long-time quality center Chris Kaman to a one-year contract. When healthy, Kaman has been productive throughout his NBA career and solves the revolving-door they used this past year at the center position. Then before anyone blinked, the Mavericks made a very nice trade with the Indiana Pacers. With about a month left in the regular season, George Hill replaced Darren Collison in the Pacers’ starting lineup. Collison had been somewhat forgotten about on the deep Indiana bench throughout the post-season. Just a few days ago, Hill inked a nice lucrative long-term deal with the Pacers, meaning Collison was permanently moved to the bench.

But the Mavericks changed that. They traded center Ian Mahinmi to Indiana for Collison and Dahntay Jones. To me, it’s a complete steal on the Mavericks part and a complete lack of focus and loss of concentration on the Pacers part. Collison isn’t a great point guard, but he is an upgrade from their previous point guard (Kidd). While under-sized, Collison is a scrappy defender, quick as lightning and shoots the ball well from three-point land.

I absolutely love this trade the Mavericks were able to pull off.

The Mavericks didn’t turn their roster upside-down by trading for a superstar. Instead, they improved by making two solid moves that won’t have much impact on their salary. Like Kaman, Collison has one year left on his rookie contract, putting the Mavericks in a good position to have more flexibility next season to sign a big free agent, or two.

I like what the Mavericks are doing. Do you?


What do YOU think?

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