Golf, Fort Laramie and drinks

FORT COLLINS, CO — Monday marked the third day of my Western Road Trip.

I took off from Custer, South Dakota, on US Highway 18 and stopped in Hot Springs at Southern Hills Golf Course. It’s a very nice course in the Black Hills. I played and walked nine holes and, surprisingly, my golf game wasn’t too bad for it being the first time this year.

Tee No. 1 at Southern Hills Golf Course

After golf, I hopped in my car continued on my journey to Fort Collins, Colorado. The mountains became much more prevalent as I got closer to Colorado. I was surprised how high the speed limits were on a two-lane road in Wyoming! In Minnesota, you’re lucky to see the speed limit reach 60 M.P.H. In Wyoming, it’s 70 and I was always getting passed by people.

Some of the scenic traveling in Wyoming is breathtaking. There is nothing like traveling down into a valley and seeing for miles, with mountains in the distance.

I stopped to see Fort Laramie. Checking out national monuments is not something I’m a huge fan of, but I really enjoyed seeing this fort. A lot of the buildings have been preserved and I stopped to read the placards and take pictures. It was cool to see some of the old firing weapons that were used back in the 1800s.18301391_1531395290225368_7248244401244906087_n.jpg

The “bachelor” officer house.


A Gatling gun that was used back in the day.
This is where the calvary was housed.


After spending about 30 minutes at Fort Laramie, I called it a day and headed to Cheyenne for gas and lunch.18268663_1531395383558692_7545317156537877870_n.jpg

Cheyenne is a short drive to Fort Collins and after checking into my hotel room, I went downtown to check out some bars.

I stopped at Whisk(e)y, where they have the third-largest whiskey selection of any bar in the country and the largest in Colorado.

The guy made me a whiskey sour with an egg white. I’m not a huge fan of those kinds of drinks, but this one was very good. After finishing my drink and food, I headed next door to a bar where they were serving $2 taps. I watched some basketball, then walked around the downtown area.

A whiskey sour made with an egg white

Fort Collins is a very interesting town with a good downtown square, but I don’t think I would want to live here.

All in all, it was a great day of driving, enjoying a few drinks and some good food.

I’m off to Utah in the morning with a stop in Steamboat Springs for some more golf. I’ll be traveling through Roosevelt National Forest, which means it’ll take some time, so I must get some rest.