Bad NBA contracts

A lot of players made a lot of money this past offseason in the NBA.

Some deals were expected. Others weren’t, but were sadly going to happen anyway. Continue reading “Bad NBA contracts”


NBA Western Conference Outlook (No. 12-10)


I previewed the Phoenix SunsUtah Jazz and Sacramento Kings the other day. Today, I’m continuing my countdown with teams 12 through 10.

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Philadelphia 76ers Season Preview

Andrew Bynum
Bynum is the face of the Philadelphia 76ers. Now we will find out just how good he really is. (Photo credit to LATimes)

Doug Collins has done nice things in his two years as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. He has taken them to two straight playoff appearances, even advancing past the Chicago Bulls in the first round this past year. The main reason the 76ers advanced past Chicago was because Chicago lost star point guard Derrick Rose in Game 1 to a torn ACL. With a new ‘star’ in town, can the 76ers take another step in the right direction this season? Continue reading “Philadelphia 76ers Season Preview”

NBA Playoffs: May the toughest team win

Paul Pierce (34) and Jrue Holiday (11)
Jrue Holiday and the 76ers have stifled Boston’s Paul Pierce, at times, in this series.

There has been nothing pretty about the series between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics. The past few games have been rather rough to watch. Both teams have scored less than 20 points in a quarter in 17 times so far in this series. And we are going to a Game 7, back in Boston on Friday night.  Continue reading “NBA Playoffs: May the toughest team win”

UCLA Fallout: Complete Disbelief

When I read what I read on about UCLA‘s basketball program and how head coach Ben Howland “lost control”, I was in COMPLETE disbelief. I didn’t know whether to believe some of the things I read in Peter Yoon’s story (that story can be found by clicking on this link ESPNLA,com). When it gets to the point where some of your players are showing up for practice hours after taking Ecstasy, you would have to think that the coach knew something was not right. I mean, you can tell when someone is drunk and/or high, so how are you not able to tell when someone is on a much more serious drug? I always thought of coach Howland as a tough, defensive-minded coach, who preached greatness on and off the court. While his teams often struggled to score on offense, they have never struggled making it to and in the NBA. Did you think that Jrue Holiday, Arron Afflalo, Kevin Love, Darren Collison, and Russell Westbrook would become good, great, or superstar players in the NBA? Continue reading “UCLA Fallout: Complete Disbelief”