Golf, Salt Lake City and one stupid GPS

Salt Lake City, UT — Wednesday marked the peak in my trip.

I got up early and headed for Salt Lake City, which is as far west as I’ll go on this journey.

I stopped in Roosevelt to play nine holes of golf before making the rest of the 134-mile journey.

It was a perfect day out. No wind and temperatures that reached 70 degrees.

I stopped in Park City, which is about 20 miles east of Salt Lake City, for some lunch. Park City is a big ski resort town, but the weather was way too nice to do any skiing. I stopped at Wasatch Brewing company and had some drinks before making my way to the Blue Iguana for a Mexican lunch. The carnitas burrito is something you wouldn’t find at any Chipotle. This was the real deal Mexican food.

Jalapeño cream ale beer. Wasatch Brewing Company uses 110 pounds of jalapeños in every batch of this kind of beer.

After lunch, I walked around the town a little bit, just seeing what was going on. After I had enough, I waddled back to my car to finish the drive to Salt Lake City.

Downtown Park City, Utah.
The next two photos are some views from Mountains Dell Golf Course.


Of course, though, I had to play more golf. I stopped at Mountain Dell Golf Course, which is 10 miles outside the downtown area and played nine more holes.

Walking that many holes in one day, especially this second course with all the hills, is something that would be difficult even if I was in shape! Still, it didn’t affect my golf game much. I’m in peak form!

After I was done, and sunburned, I finally made my way into the city. Finding my hotel was not easy in the slightest because my car’s GPS decided to flip out and send me on a wild goose chase. I knew I wasn’t anywhere close to my hotel, but once I exited off the Interstate, I couldn’t find my damn way back on and my GPS did not help me. Once I pulled over, collected my thoughts and figured that the freeway ran east-west, I headed west — parallel to it — and finally found the enter ramp.

After checking in, the day in the sun got to me, but I muscled up the strength to drive out to see the Great Salt Lake. Wow, it truly was scenic and cool to see. It’s not the biggest body of water in the United States, but with the sun shining and the mountains surrounding it — on a perfect day like Wednesday — it was awesome.18222639_1533998559965041_5527045651100762963_n.jpg

I got back to my room and wanted some simple food and to watch the NBA and NHL playoffs, so I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a snack. If you’ve never had fireball and ginger ale — as a mixed drink — it’s something that will refresh the pallet after a long day.

All in all, Wednesday was a mother tremendous day — except for the GPS fiasco — but if you stop, take a breath and live in the moment, you can find your way.

Thursday’s adventure is Jackson, Wyoming!

Safe travels!