Tetons, Wind River and Big Horn

SHERIDAN, WY — Well, things certainly got wild last night in Jackson. I went to a few bars and talked with quite a few people. The night ended with me getting lost in downtown Jackson. I couldn’t find my hotel and my phone died, but I found it after 45 minutes of running around.

Friday marked the last day of my driving adventure. I traveled through Grand Tetons National Park, the Wind River Canyon and Big Horn National Forest.

Wind River in the Wind River Canyon.

It was another amazing drive through winding roads along the Wind River and high-mountain driving in the Big Horn forest. It was a glorious day for weather, too. It reached 85 degrees where I was traveling, but that temperature quickly dipped when I headed into the Big Horn Mountains. At the top of the pass, it was a crisp 55 degrees, but still very enjoyable.

A lake at the top of the Big Horn National Forest that is still frozen.

Haven’t seen much wildlife on this trip. I saw a few deer and buffalo, but that was about it for animals. When I got out to take pictures of the Wind River, I swear I heard the rattles of a rattlesnake, but I couldn’t find him.

The Big Horn National Forest on the drive up.

My plan for tonight is simple — don’t get lost and have some fun. My sunburn has reached its peak and I think it will start to mellow out in the next day or two.

I was telling some folks last night that I’m not sure I could ever top this trip. I’ll have to think of something for next year, though.

That’s all for now!


Bro, buy suntan lotion! And more national forests!

JACKSON, WY — Another day, more sunburn for me!

Actually, it was another fabulous day on the road as my road trip is slowly coming to a close.

I drove through three more national forests — Cache, Caribou and Bridger and Teton — and Cache took the cake by a mile.

View from the top of Cache National Forest.

The West is absolutely gorgeous and I’m not even an outdoors person. This is an incredible place to travel and see, and I urge all people my age to do it. The only thing you’ll regret is not doing it.

This little duck was trying to get this weed for five minutes. He finally got it.
Cache National Forest.

After I got through Cache National Forest, I stopped in Fish Haven, Idaho, for some golf overlooking Bear Lake, which is a big ass body of water. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I golfed a great round and got more sunburned in the process. But I made a few pars and birds during my nine holes, so it was worth it!

I stopped in Garden City, Utah, which is before Fish Haven, for a big burger called the “Big Bear.” It was two patties, tomato, onions, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayo and it was fabulous. I’m a huge fan of drive-ins and this was great! Easy, simple food.

After my meal, it was time to hit the links at Bear Lake West Golf Course, which is a nice 9-hole course overlooking Bear Lake. The guy running the pro shop was out killing weeds when I pulled up and his internet was working when I checked in, so he said, “Just stop by after your round is done and pay then.” I guess I played too quickly because when I came back, his internet still wasn’t working.

He told me today was my lucky day, which I didn’t think it was because I’m pink like a salmon fillet! But he bought my round and we shared a 25-minute conversation. He was a good guy and I’ll definitely stop back if I get the chance to be in the area again.

It couldn’t have been a better day for golf. No wind and 75 degrees. I’ll bring the suntan lotion next time.

I arrived in Jackson, Wyoming a little after 4:15 p.m. and this town in fantastic. I’m looking to have a fun night here before hopefully finishing my last round of golf in the morning in the Teton Forest and traveling through Yellowstone National Park and ending up in Sheridan.

I’m sad my vacation is coming to an end, but this has been the best experience of my life.

Two more days!

I’m off to buy some damn lotion!

Golf, Salt Lake City and one stupid GPS

Salt Lake City, UT — Wednesday marked the peak in my trip.

I got up early and headed for Salt Lake City, which is as far west as I’ll go on this journey.

I stopped in Roosevelt to play nine holes of golf before making the rest of the 134-mile journey.

It was a perfect day out. No wind and temperatures that reached 70 degrees.

I stopped in Park City, which is about 20 miles east of Salt Lake City, for some lunch. Park City is a big ski resort town, but the weather was way too nice to do any skiing. I stopped at Wasatch Brewing company and had some drinks before making my way to the Blue Iguana for a Mexican lunch. The carnitas burrito is something you wouldn’t find at any Chipotle. This was the real deal Mexican food.

Jalapeño cream ale beer. Wasatch Brewing Company uses 110 pounds of jalapeños in every batch of this kind of beer.

After lunch, I walked around the town a little bit, just seeing what was going on. After I had enough, I waddled back to my car to finish the drive to Salt Lake City.

Downtown Park City, Utah.
The next two photos are some views from Mountains Dell Golf Course.


Of course, though, I had to play more golf. I stopped at Mountain Dell Golf Course, which is 10 miles outside the downtown area and played nine more holes.

Walking that many holes in one day, especially this second course with all the hills, is something that would be difficult even if I was in shape! Still, it didn’t affect my golf game much. I’m in peak form!

After I was done, and sunburned, I finally made my way into the city. Finding my hotel was not easy in the slightest because my car’s GPS decided to flip out and send me on a wild goose chase. I knew I wasn’t anywhere close to my hotel, but once I exited off the Interstate, I couldn’t find my damn way back on and my GPS did not help me. Once I pulled over, collected my thoughts and figured that the freeway ran east-west, I headed west — parallel to it — and finally found the enter ramp.

After checking in, the day in the sun got to me, but I muscled up the strength to drive out to see the Great Salt Lake. Wow, it truly was scenic and cool to see. It’s not the biggest body of water in the United States, but with the sun shining and the mountains surrounding it — on a perfect day like Wednesday — it was awesome.18222639_1533998559965041_5527045651100762963_n.jpg

I got back to my room and wanted some simple food and to watch the NBA and NHL playoffs, so I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a snack. If you’ve never had fireball and ginger ale — as a mixed drink — it’s something that will refresh the pallet after a long day.

All in all, Wednesday was a mother tremendous day — except for the GPS fiasco — but if you stop, take a breath and live in the moment, you can find your way.

Thursday’s adventure is Jackson, Wyoming!

Safe travels!

Adventure and trying new things

NAPLES, UT — Wow. That’s all I can say about today’s travel from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Naples, Utah.

The scenery was incredible.

I was up early this morning and headed on my way to Laporte for breakfast at Vern’s Place. I had his “world famous” cinnamon roll, which was pretty damn good, and the Yard Bird skillet. The skillet was filled with country potatoes, cheese, house-smoked chicken (PHENOMENAL) and topped with two fried eggs and Colorado’s famous green chili.18222468_1532147440150153_1050931315432266715_n.jpg


It was one of the best breakfast items I’ve ever had in my life. It was that good.

After I ate almost all of it, I wanted to take a nap, not drive over 300 miles. But I mustered up the strength to get into my car and get on my way.

I traveled through all of Roosevelt National Forest, which spans over 90 miles through the mountains. I stopped frequently to take pictures and take in the fresh air. If you’ve never been in the middle of nowhere before, there certainly is a big difference in air quality.

The river that runs through Roosevelt National Forest.

I made it through the forest and stopped in Walden to pick up some ice and cold drinks for later tonight. To my surprise, after stopping, I ran into another national forest, Routt National Forest. I must have missed it when I was planning my trip, but there it was, right on Highway 40.18194944_1532147663483464_7594010788212078007_n.jpg


It was a breathtaking journey for the next 30 miles. I was traveling in the mountains after a freshly fallen snow the night before. Road conditions were tremendous and the road was already plowed, which is more than I can say for roads in Minnesota.

After traveling through the mountains, I passed through Steamboat Springs, which is a huge resort town for winter skiing.

I stopped for lunch in Craig at JW’s Snack Bar and Grill and had myself a catfish po’ boy sandwich. This happened to be the first time I ever had catfish and it was pretty good. I would probably eat it again.

After that, I hopped back in my car, cranked up the music and headed for the Utah border.

Today was a day of adventure and trying new things. I never had green chili before or catfish, but I would have both again if I get the opportunity. The adventure was driving through the mountains and exploring what this great country has to offer. If I ever come back in the summer time, I would maybe like to hike some of the trails and reach some of the peaks.

But, for now, I’ll stick to my car.

Since I’m in Utah, it’s time to root on the Jazz in their playoff game against the Golden State Warriors.

Headed for Salt Lake City tomorrow!