NBA Finals trilogy series is finally here

The NBA Finals finally begins today.

The matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors is the third volume between the two teams. Both have met in the last two Finals and each won once, so this will be the tiebreaker.

Personally, I hope it turns out to be the best Finals in my lifetime.

For the first time in my life, I’ll be rooting for LeBron James to win, not lose.

When Kevin Durant joined the Warriors last summer, it rubbed a lot of basketball fans the wrong way. Perhaps the only people who were happy were the fans in the Bay Area. Why it rubbed people the wrong way was because Durant is a superstar and he joined a team that won 73 games during the 2015-16 season.

This series will have many fascinating matchups.

At the guard position, Kyrie Irving torched Steph Curry, a two-time MVP, in last year’s Finals and was a main reason why Cleveland won the championship.

James is the best player on the planet and he will be looking to hand Durant his second loss in the Finals. James has a lot riding in this series.

If he wins, not only would it be his fourth championship, but he would have beaten arguably a better team than Michael Jordan ever played against in the Finals for the second time.

I still think he will rank behind Jordan as the greatest player ever for many reasons, but he would move into the top five greatest players of all time in my mind.

The matchup between Draymond Green and Kevin Love might be the most pivotal.

Love has been on fire from 3 the last two rounds of the playoffs, but Green can guard a variety of positions and has the ability to make life difficult for Love.

I think Klay Thompson will have a huge role in this series. Since Durant joined the roster, Thompson has been kind of the forgotten guy. He is a great player and if he plays well, the Warriors will win the series.

It would be a joy to see the series go seven games, but as long as Cleveland wins, I’ll be happy.


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James Harden finished second in the MVP voting behind Stephen Curry. (Photo credit to

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