An Aut(some) experience

The first leg of my college gameday tour brought me to Eugene, Ore., home to the University of Oregon and the incredible Autzen Stadium.

The only word I can say is, “Wow.” Continue reading “An Aut(some) experience”


Fleck reminds me of Brewster

It has been said before and it is widely true — a team with two starting quarterbacks is a team with no starting quarterback.

This describes the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team and it could become an “elite” problem for new head coach P.J. Fleck. Continue reading “Fleck reminds me of Brewster”

An ‘expert’s’ guide to help navigate the NCAA bracket

Ah. It’s our favorite time of the year, right? March Madness gets everyone involved, unless you’re my friends. They wouldn’t do a $20-entry, winner-take-all bracket. There is only three of us, so their odds of winning the money is a lot higher than getting a perfect bracket.

Some people just don’t realize a good deal when it’s presented to them.

Oh well. Here are my tips for each region in this year’s bracket.
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Minnesota’s own, Tyus Jones, enters NBA draft

Tyus Jones is the latest college player to declare for the NBA draft. (Photo credit to
Tyus Jones is the latest college player to declare for the NBA draft. (Photo credit to

Five years ago, he was playing high school basketball as an eighth-grader for Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, MN.

Today, after winning a championship in his freshman season at Duke, Tyus Jones has declared his name for the NBA draft. Continue reading “Minnesota’s own, Tyus Jones, enters NBA draft”

How to clean up college basketball

The game of college basketball has taken a considerable amount of criticism from all corners. From the officiating to the rules, Geno Auriemma and Mark Cuban have called the men’s game “embarrassing,” “hard to watch,” and “a joke.” Here are some simple ways to improve the game. Continue reading “How to clean up college basketball”