NBA season shaping up to be a good one

This NBA season was already shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent memory, and things got a little more interesting on Saturday when the New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder agreed to a trade that involves over-the-hill scorer Carmelo Anthony.

Player movement has been the focus of the summer. It seemed every hour during the first week of free agency a player was signing a contract with another team.

My favorite team — the Minnesota Timberwolves — didn’t wait until free agency to make moves. It started on draft night when the Timberwolves traded for Chicago Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler. From there, Minnesota signed Aaron Brooks, Anthony Brown, Jamal Crawford, Taj Gibson and Jeff Teague. It traded Zach LaVine and Ricky Rubio, and re-signed Shabazz Muhammad.

I can’t remember the last time when I was this excited for the NBA season to start. I’m hoping my team will be competitive, and I think it will be with the additions it made during the summer.

I’ll be interested to see how much of Butler rubs off on Andrew Wiggins, who is entering his fourth season. I think this is the year we will see what Wiggins is all about. He averaged over 23 points per game last season, but every player on Minnesota will have to make some sacrifices this season. The team is much deeper, has more talent and more scorers.

Being located in Washington, I won’t get the opportunity to watch every game of Minnesota’s, but the Timberwolves will be on national television 16 times between TNT, ABC and ESPN, and I hope to catch every game.

Karl-Anthony Towns, Wiggins and Butler will have a good chunk of the offense run through them, but I’m interested to see what kind of role Jeff Teague takes. He isn’t a great spot-up shooter, but I’m hoping he worked on his shooting this summer.

I’m also hoping this season isn’t filled with political banter every game. Just go out and play. Give the fans their money’s worth.


What do YOU think?

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