Fleck reminds me of Brewster

It has been said before and it is widely true — a team with two starting quarterbacks is a team with no starting quarterback.

This describes the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team and it could become an “elite” problem for new head coach P.J. Fleck.

After winning nine games last, the University of Minnesota fired head coach Tracy Claeys because he sided with his players over an alleged on-campus sexual assault.

If you’re from Minnesota, you know many of the sports teams show little to no loyalty to its coaches.

Fleck managed to have a great season at Western Michigan where his team made it to the Cotton Bowl only to lose to Wisconsin — a team Minnesota can never beat.

Unlike a lot of Minnesota fans, I can’t stand Fleck and the way he talks. I get he is trying to build a program and a culture, but this situation reminds me way too much of when the university hired Tim Brewster. Brewster was just salesman. He was a big-talking, no result-showing son of a gun who lead Minnesota to a 15-30 record over three and a half years.

“We’re going to win the Big Ten Championship and we’re going to take the Gopher nation to Pasadena. That’s my dream, that’s my goal and that’s my belief. It will happen here sooner rather than later.” — Tim Brewster in 2007 before he coached a football game.

The Gophers went 1-11 that season and the rose pedals had fallen off after the first game.

There was no hope.

What a jackass. It’s that state of delusion that ruins and holds back programs.

I feel like Fleck is the same type of guy. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck — it isn’t the golden goose — it’s a duck.

Fleck has talked a big game, but he doesn’t have a quarterback to lead his team. Fleck is so much of a show, he has his own television show, “Being P.J. Fleck.”

He is just riling up the fan base to only let down the fans once again. Who the hell cares what it’s like to P.J. Fleck?

Aside from the three, non-conference cupcakes Fleck put on the schedule, Minnesota has a favorable road schedule —  Michigan and Iowa. Still, I think this team losses those road games. Add Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern and Michigan State and this is a six-loss team in the Big Ten just one year after going 5-4 and it easily could have been 7-2.

With Fleck’s arrival, the previous progress made by Jerry Kill and Claeys is somewhat stopped. A new coach means a new system, new players and different strengths and weaknesses. One thing Kill had was a system and the same group of coaches who followed him from job to job for over 25 years.

I predict the Gophers to go 4-8 this season.

Let’s just hope Fleck proves me wrong, but it smells a lot like Tim Brewster 2.0.


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