If you fly over it, you might miss it

I’ve had some time to reflect on my first road trip and what the hell I just did.

I drove from Albert Lea, Minnesota, and made it all the way out to Salt Lake City. I traveled to Jackson and Sheridan, Wyoming; Fort Collins, Colorado; Custer, South Dakota in The Black Hills; and Vernal, Utah, where I had the best macaroni and cheese with candied bacon I’ve ever had.

I had green chili and a whiskey sour with an egg white in Colorado. How about one of the best pork burritos in Park City, Utah? It would put Chipotle to shame.

I played four rounds of golf in tremendous weather.

I spent hours traveling through the mountains and national forests. I even took pictures.

I started planning this trip — which was just eight days long — in April of 2016. I picked out bars and restaurants at which I wanted to eat; cheap, clean hotels at which I wanted to stay; and communicated with family and friends, who decided to house me for a night.

It was trip filled with great memories, many laughs, tremendous food and lifetime experiences.

It doesn’t take much to let me down. Not once during my trip did I have a feeling like that. The weather was unbelievable. The scenery was impeccable. The air was fresh. The stillness was something that took you back to a land that had yet to be discovered. It was my first adventure and I don’t know how I’ll ever top it, but damn I’ll try.

I posted things about my daily journey because I didn’t want to lose what I had experienced. I didn’t want to look back on any trip and say, “Meh, it was fun.” I wanted to remember specific experiences. Like golfing on Bear Lake, that spans between Idaho and Utah. Or how about stopping numerous times in Roosevelt, Cache and Big Horn National Forest for hundreds of pictures. Or driving through the unreal Wind River Canyon.

To a lot of people, from Albert Lea to Custer to Fort Collins to Vernal to Salt Lake City to Jackson to Sheridan is just “fly over country.” That’s where those people miss it. This is some of the greatest country the United States has to offer.

I made friends with a couple from California. I met a beekeeper in Sheridan who travels to Chico, California to take care of his bees. Not to mention he hates most Californians because they can’t do a Texas Two-Step.

I found great deals on hotel rooms, spent little money on gas and had a lot of fun in the process.

Seeing some of what America has to offer only makes me more excited for the next trip I plan, which I hope to make it a Northwest Pacific trip.

I can’t wait, but I’ll cherish the memories I made on this last trip.


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