Tetons, Wind River and Big Horn

SHERIDAN, WY — Well, things certainly got wild last night in Jackson. I went to a few bars and talked with quite a few people. The night ended with me getting lost in downtown Jackson. I couldn’t find my hotel and my phone died, but I found it after 45 minutes of running around.

Friday marked the last day of my driving adventure. I traveled through Grand Tetons National Park, the Wind River Canyon and Big Horn National Forest.

Wind River in the Wind River Canyon.

It was another amazing drive through winding roads along the Wind River and high-mountain driving in the Big Horn forest. It was a glorious day for weather, too. It reached 85 degrees where I was traveling, but that temperature quickly dipped when I headed into the Big Horn Mountains. At the top of the pass, it was a crisp 55 degrees, but still very enjoyable.

A lake at the top of the Big Horn National Forest that is still frozen.

Haven’t seen much wildlife on this trip. I saw a few deer and buffalo, but that was about it for animals. When I got out to take pictures of the Wind River, I swear I heard the rattles of a rattlesnake, but I couldn’t find him.

The Big Horn National Forest on the drive up.

My plan for tonight is simple — don’t get lost and have some fun. My sunburn has reached its peak and I think it will start to mellow out in the next day or two.

I was telling some folks last night that I’m not sure I could ever top this trip. I’ll have to think of something for next year, though.

That’s all for now!


One thought on “Tetons, Wind River and Big Horn

  1. Hi Jarrod,

    It’s your next door neighbor Marlow! I love your blog posts! Come over for chili tonight I’ve missed you SO much!😘


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