On the road to somewhere

Custer, SD — After having fun last night, I woke up this morning feeling somewhat refreshed, even after drinking the night before.

I had breakfast at Schmidtmans, then showered, packed my bags and hopped in the car to begin the second stage of my trip to Custer, South Dakota.

The drive was over 350 miles, so that meant significant time in the car. However, I really enjoyed the drive. Once I got to Chamberlain, the drive seemed to fly by. Chamberlain is where the Missouri River runs through South Dakota on Interstate 90 and started the beginning of The Badlands and leads into The Black Hills.

IMG_3286 (1)
The Missouri River.

What a great drive. Honestly, it was an awesome time. I spent time flipping between music and audiobooks. This is great country.

I stopped in the famous town of Wall and had an old-fashioned chocolate malt at the Wall Drug Store. I also bought some gifts for some pretty good prices.IMG_3300


The “main drag” of Wall, South Dakota.

Once I got to Rapid City, the mountains became more noticeable and really stood out. I headed south to Custer and it was a great 40-mile drive through the mountains and several small towns.

When I arrive in Custer, I checked into my hotel and got all settled. I walked down the main drag, which is about half a mile to the Pizza Mill, which I picked out beforehand. I ordered a personal pan pizza, and it was fabulous. They even had Summer Shandy in this small restaurant that didn’t seat more than 20 people.IMG_3316


Walking up and down main street, these people live a simple life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it makes me wonder, “Would I like that, too, someday?”

I certainly think I would like it, but for now, I’ll stick to what I have going on.

You’ll hear more from me tomorrow!

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