Meeting up with old friends

Sioux Falls, SD — Saturday marked the beginning of my excursion out to the Great West.

My first stop was in Sioux Falls to see some old friends: the Schmidtmans.

I grew up playing sports with Ryan and his dad, Carl, helped coach our football and basketball teams in elementary school. Ryan’s mom, Jackie, was like a mother to me. Ryan’s brothers, Mike and Dan, were like my brothers.

I spent many nights at their house.

He moved to Sioux Falls going into seventh grade and I have seen him sparingly since that time. The last time I saw him or the family was in 2008.

Until Saturday. This was nine years in the making, and it was a ton of fun.

I had a great time catching up with the family, going out to eat, watching some low-level MMA fights in-person and going out to the bar afterwards.

Ryan definitely showed me a good time, but it was about more than just that.

We re-opened old stories about sports, growing up and funny memories we had with our friends back in the day.

It felt good to see the family again, and I hope they enjoyed seeing me. All of the kids are off doing great things. The only one I didn’t see was Dan, because he was giving a speech at Yale University, which, for a South Dakota kid, is pretty impressive.

I wish I could have spent more time there, but a new day called for a new adventure.

However, it was a perfect way to start the trip.


2 thoughts on “Meeting up with old friends

  1. Jarrod,

    I apologize that I wasn’t able to see you this weekend. Thanks for sharing this post about your experience. It sounds like you guys had a good night (I am bummed to have missed out). That gives reason for another trip in the near future. Godspeed.

    Dan S.

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