The countdown has begun

I am just days away from embarking on my first vacation since the summer of 2005.

I have spent the last 12 months planning this trip, constantly changing places where I’d like to visit.

About three months ago, I final settled on an eight-day road trip that will take me to eight different towns in four states out west.

I spent hours combing over which cities I wanted to stay in, restaurants where I wanted to eat and sites I would like to see.

Over the last three weeks, I decided to transform the trip into a golf outing, too.

My trip will start in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and take me as far west as Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ll see the Black Hills, Great Salt Lake and Yellowstone National Park. 

I hope I run into some nice weather for when I golf. I have picked out diners and dives for breakfast or lunch and pubs for dinner. 

I’m most looking forward to the eight days on the road, being away from all the distractions of daily life. It’ll get me out of my regular routine and introduce me to something new. I’m ecstatic to check out the restaurants I picked to stop at along the way and enjoy the country and my surroundings.

I look forward to catching up with some old friends and seeing some family. I’m excited to blog about my daily experiences and share some photos.

This vacation comes at a good time, too. I just hope the weather holds up and I don’t run into much, or any, snow on the way. 

I’m excited to pack my bags and live by the seat of my pants. I have plenty of music, audiobooks and snacks to keep me interested on my 2,800-mile journey.

You’ll hear more from me when I hit the road on Saturday. 

The countdown has officially begun.


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