No significant moves doesn’t mean no progress

It’s been a few days since some of the bigger names signed contracts with other teams. I needed to give myself a few days because I was pretty upset the Minnesota Timberwolves didn’t make any significant moves.

However, the fact they didn’t make any moves gives me confidence.Minnesota’s biggest addition has been drafting Kris Dunn and signing center Cole Aldrich, a Minnesota native. I was down on Aldrich, but I also believe he hasn’t gotten much of chance in his career. I really like him on this roster, though. He will be more than serviceable for the T’wolves.

While I was sad to see the names like Al Horford, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Luol Deng and others sign with other teams, it gives me confidence that Tom Thibodeau has confidence in the young studs — Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Adding Dunn to that trio along with Ricky Rubio, Gorgui Dieng and Shabazz Muhammad gives Minnesota a solid core around which to build.

There were many rumors and a lot of speculation that LaVine was on his way out during the draft. Minnesota was going hard after Jimmy Butler, but nothing transpired. Rubio still might be on the way out, but I wouldn’t mind him staying onboard. I think he adds an element to the team few point guards could. Not to mention, with Mike Conley getting $153 million over five years, I’ll take Rubio, his production and contract over Conley any day of the week.

When looking at this roster, Minnesota has three opportunities to see improvement. What I mean by that is LaVine, Wiggins and Towns. I expect all three to improve coming into the next season, which means Minnesota should win more games for the second year in a row. Right now, I see the Timberwolves winning 35-38 games. That still won’t be good enough to make the playoffs, but I think maybe Thibodeau will have a bigger impact on this team defensively, which could translate into more wins.

I am still disappointed Minnesota didn’t try harder to garner a big name or two, but I already had faith in these young guns. I just wanted to speed up the process.

Nonetheless, I will still enjoy watching this team in the upcoming season.


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