Teams not afraid to spend money on unproven players

At first, I was a fan of the NBA increasing the salary cap. As free agency is just a few hours old, I am starting to regret being a fan.There are some insane figures being thrown out on the table to these athletes. It has been reported the Washington Wizards are going to give Bradley Beal $128 million over five years. That’s $25.6 million per season for a guy who has put up modest numbers in his first four seasons. Let’s not forget he has yet to play a full 82-game schedule, and has played in just 75 percent of Washington’s games.

Another mind-boggling number is $10 million — for both Matthew Dellavedova and Tyler Johnson.

First, let me start with Dellavedova. This is a guy who was so bad in the NBA Finals, Tyronn Lue decided to play the aging Mo Williams over him. A guy who has been in the league for three seasons, was awful the year before LeBron James returned, and has a career average of 5.7 points per game.

Johnson is another guy whose feet aren’t even wet, yet. He has been in the league for two seasons, one of which he missed a significant amount of games, and now reports are he will receive a contract worth excess of $10 million per season.

Call me cheap, but I feel the reason the salary cap was raised was so the real stars of the league could make more money, and the other guys a little more money. Johnson is looking at a raise of nearly 1,200 percent!

Unlike a lot of people in my generation, I feel a lot of these young players haven’t proven themselves enough to be making this kind of cash. Have they made an All-Star team? All-NBA? All Defensive team?

It’s sheer stupidity on the part of the owners to dole out this kind of money to players who have produced next to nothing in the league.

While some teams have tons of cash to spend, that doesn’t mean said teams should spend all that money.

I feel this is just one post of many I’ll be writing over the next month.

What do YOU think?

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