LeBron James and Cleveland not showing up

I can’t remember a more boring NBA Finals through two games than the 2016 Finals between Cleveland and Golden State.

I can’t say I expected it to be much of series because I believe Golden State to be far superior than Cleveland, but LeBron James and his team has not shown up.In my apartment, I predicted this series to be over in five games, but now it’s looking like it will be a sweep.

James, and more so Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love has not shown up.

I don’t understand why people believe Cleveland is a good team. Look at its roster.

Obviously James is one of the best players in the NBA, but aside from him, Irving looks like a third-rate point guard. I have never seen a player, a “point guard,” look for his shot more than Irving. He dribbles, waits for a screen, dribbles around some more, then takes an extremely tough shot. He makes a few, but these are terrible shots. Also, he isn’t creating for any of his teammates. It’s a huge mess.

Love has been terrible. His faults, which weren’t really magnified in Minnesota while playing with Ricky Rubio, are so noticeable and it seems to have zapped his confidence. He can’t score on Draymond Green in the post. Hell, he had trouble scoring on Harrison Barnes in the post in Game 2. This is a guy who averaged 26, 14 and 4 with Minnesota in his last year. Supposedly, he has concussions symptoms after taking an inadvertent elbow to the head by Barnes.

I can’t see for the life of me why Cleveland gave Tristan Thompson $80 million. He is a below-average offensive player, and an average defensive player and rebounder. He has provided the Cavaliers with nothing in the first two games, and has been clearly outplayed by Andrew Bogut, his counterpart.

J.R. Smith look terrible and disinterested.

The bench is terrible. I don’t understand how people think Iman Shumpert is a good player on a good team. He is so inconsistent and, at times, so bad. Channing Frye killed Toronto, but he is as good as useless against Golden State because of its versatility. We all know Matthew Dellavedova is so overmatched by Steph Curry and Shaun Livingston. Every time Richard Jefferson runs, dust clouds surround his body.

It’s clear that Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue doesn’t know how to make adjustments. I think Cleveland was totally wrong and dumb to please James by firing David Blatt. At least Blatt was able to make in-game adjustments to give his team a fighting chance. Every time the camera goes to Lue standing on the sidelines, it looks like he is a freshman the first day of high school — lost and dumbfounded.

Golden State, let’s get this series over and move on to the NBA Draft. This series, along with the playoffs, besides the Thunder/Warriors series, has been dreadful this year. Too many blowouts and one-sided series.


2 thoughts on “LeBron James and Cleveland not showing up

  1. I agree with so much of what you’re saying, particularly in regards to the Cavs paying Tristan Thompson all that money. He isn’t a high of an enough caliber player to deserve it and I knew it was a stupid decision when it happened. These first two games have just shown the problem of the weak Eastern conference, with the Cavs being a far more inferior team than the Warriors, Spurs and Thunder. They had an easy ride in the East and now they don’t have the grit to beat the best team in the West, it’s pathetic. And I’d wish they’d stop calling James, Irving and Love a “Big 3”, because they are far from being that.

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    1. Shaniqua, thank you for your comment on my post! I just don’t understand why LeBron forced the trade of Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. LeBron gets players involved, but doesn’t understand how to utilize the best players’ talents on his team. Very frustrating to watch. It’s insanity. It’s the same thing over and over again!

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