My Top Five Teams With Which To Play in FIFA 16: No. 2 — Juventus

I didn’t start playing the soccer video game “FIFA” until 2014 when I purchased it for my newly acquired PlayStation 4.

Since that time, FIFA has become my favorite sports video game to play. There are many reasons behind it being my favorite. I love the diverse pool of players in the game. The possibilities are endless when it comes to acquiring players. The soundtrack is always top-notch. Along with the large variety of players comes a big variety of teams, including the best in the world.I am not a huge fan of Serie A teams. I think the league is pretty weak besides Inter and Juventus. Little did I know, Juventus turned out to be an extremely fun team with which to play. This team has a lot of stars and young players who can develop into stars, which is what I like.

Paul Pogba is clearly the cream-of-the-crop on this squad. He is one of the best center-midfielders in the world and his playmaking ability is so sweet. He is an absolute game-changer and franchise-changer. He doesn’t put up the greatest simulation numbers, but if you play with him, he will produce every single time.

Juventus is more than Pogba, though, and I am glad I discovered it. Claudio Marchisio, Semi Khedira, and Giorgio Chiellini are great veterans to have on this squad. They are solid in all facets of the game and produce results in Serie A.

Two of my favorite young players are Alvaro Morata and Paulo Dybala (Messi’s cousin). Morata is a tremendous goal scorer, while Dybala develops into one of the best strikers in the world over time. If you train him, he becomes even better, but letting him play in the lineup is enough because he improves dramatically.

Daniele Rugani is a nice centerback and I like watching him develop. It takes a few years before he reaches a playable rating, but if you’re good at the game and like to play a majority of the matches, his ratings spike quickly.

Like I said in the beginning, I’m not a fan of Serie A, but Juventus is an extremely fun team with which to play. It’s not because it is the most talented team in the league, but because the players are very solid and fun. This is a team that has a lot of room for growth, despite being a veteran team.

I would go to battle with this team any day of the week.


What do YOU think?

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