T’wolves made a mistake with Rubio

The Minnesota Timberwolves made a huge mistake when they gave Ricky Rubio a big-time contract.A couple of years ago, I thought Rubio was going to be a very good player. But the man just hasn’t been healthy, and he will probably never be fully healthy ever again.

Couple that with his inability to improve his jumper, what exactly is he worth anymore? Most point guards can either get to the basket or shoot, but very few can do both really well. Rubio isn’t explosive or athletic, and he can’t shoot. That means he can do neither very well.

He will enter the season at the 11th highest-paid point guard in the league, ahead of Kyle Lowry, Ty Lawson (whom the T’wolves traded during the 2009 draft), Stephen Curry (whom the T’wolves passed on, twice, in the 2009 draft), Mike Conley, Jeff Teague, and Damian Lillard (still on his rookie contract).

Somehow, I thought Rubio’s vision and average defensive skills would get him by during his first few seasons, but I have been proven wrong because he hasn’t improved and he has been hurt way too often so we can’t even see if he is improving. Not only that, but the few times I go on Instagram, I see him taking pictures with his buddies at the pool, not working on his game. I don’t know if the T’wolves follow his account, but they should know what he is up to during the summer months. Maybe they know something I don’t? But the way this franchise is run, I doubt that’s the case. The only time he is holding a ball is during T’wolves media day. Aside from that, he’s either posing in the desert, at a racetrack, or poolside.

Maybe I’m hating on the guy, but would it kill him to practice his shooting form instead of sipping wine with his pops or reminiscing about playing for Spain again?

I was wrong when I thought he would become a very good point guard. Now, I think he will be lucky to be average. He will never make an All-Star team, and it’s clear he is just a side-piece on the T’wolves roster. Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Shabazz Muhammad, and Karl-Anthony Towns are the main guys now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Minnesota try to trade Rubio once he is healthy enough and shows he can be somewhat productive.

While StarTribune writer, Chip Scoggins, says the T’wolves are better with him than without him, the fact is he is rarely ever healthy and that should be the telling point — the sample size with him is too small.

The most important stat is this: 87-116.


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