Robert Griffin III, just shut up and play football

Robert Griffin III needs to shut up and play football. (Photo credit to
Robert Griffin III needs to shut up and play football. (Photo credit to

I’m so sick of people talking about Robert Griffin III. I’m sick of Robert Griffin III talking about Robert Griffin III. I’m sick of ESPN talking about him and every other media outlet giving him time on their airwaves.

Simply put: he isn’t worth it.Sure, he had a stellar rookie season in 2012, but he has hardly been the same since his first year in the league. He acts like a diva and E! News should seriously consider him for his own show for the time slot after the ridiculous “I Am Cait” show.

Since 2012, it’s been one big joke and it’s on Griffin III. He has been unable to rebound after tearing his ACL in a 2013 playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

His injury list is progressively growing. Griffin III has had his right knee reconstructed two times. In 2009, he tore his right ACL and missed the entire college season. In 2012, he also suffered a concussion, a sprained ACL, torn ACL, and last season he dislocated his right ankle in Week 2 against Jacksonville. He came back later in the year, but he was highly ineffective as he threw four touchdowns and six interceptions with a completion percentage of 68.7, which is outstanding. According to reports, he sustained another concussion last week.

Like a regular customer, just add it to the tab.

However, what separated him from Andrew Luck and other quarterbacks during his rookie season was his ability to use the read-option effectively. He rushed for 815 yards and seven touchdowns. The last two seasons, he has rushed for just over 600 yards and one touchdown while he has fumbled 20 times in 22 games.

What ticks my clock is that he proclaimed himself as “the best quarterback in the NFL,” eight days ago. There is a huge difference between thinking you’re better than everyone and saying it publicly. I understand the competitiveness of all athletes, but most players wouldn’t say it publicly. He is 14-21 as a starter and 5-15 the past two seasons.

I wouldn’t say that’s earth-shattering.

What makes it worse is that major news outlets are giving him all of this attention. When was the last time anybody heard anything about what Aaron Rodgers, Teddy Bridgewater, Eli Manning or Luck did in the off-season? Instead, mediums like ESPN fill their time with senseless shows surrounding players and coaches like Tim Tebow and Griffin III, and Rex Ryan and Chip Kelly. When will news mediums stop devoting its air-time to mediocre, irrelevant athletes? Maybe if one of those four were to achieve success and win a Super Bowl or have a record-breaking season, then I would be OK with those people getting air-time.

Griffin III is nothing more than a self-absorbed child whose daddy spoke for him after his injury in 2012. He might be a smart kid, but he doesn’t have a damn clue about the true reality of the real world.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out of a job by the end of the season.

What do YOU think?

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