Minnesota Twins, are you kidding me?

It won't take long for people to stop showing up to Target Field with the Twins inability to make the team competitive. (Photo credit to mlbblogsmateoffischer.com)
It won’t take long for people to stop showing up to Target Field with the Twins inability to make the team competitive. (Photo credit to mlbblogsmateoffischer.com)

Just when they thought they had a good chance to make the playoffs, the Minnesota Twins pull the rug from beneath feet of all their fans. Over the last four games, this team has had its heart ripped out, twice, and been decimated, twice. Is it over? Well, it’s not looking good.

Terry Ryan owes every Twins fan an apology and the Pohlads should be charging 15 percent of the price listed on a game ticket. This team is softer than you-know-what. No guts, no heart, no ability to fight. That’s been the secret motto of the Twins the last four seasons, and it’s starting to become the motto this season.

The Twins are in a free-fall, and Ryan won’t do a damn thing about it. Troy Tulowitzki, Johnny Cueto, Tyler Clippard, Jonathan Papelbon. Those names have switched jerseys, and the Twins had a chance to acquire at least one of all the players mentioned. Instead, Ryan sits on his hands as Glen Perkins looks like he can’t throw a baseball anymore, the lineup can’t hit, and the starters can’t get through five innings. A man who looked more invincible than Mariano Rivera in his prime, Perkins has single-handily blown and lost three games for the Twins in the last week and a half.

The starting rotation is starting to pitch like what it really is – garbage. Kyle Gibson has no stones, as the tape shows he can’t get through five innings against a pathetic Yankees lineup. You’d think once Ron Gardenhire was fired the curse of the Yankees would leave. Nope, it’s still here and it looks like Minnesota signed up for a lifetime subscription.

Mike Pelfrey and Tommy Milone are horrible, too. Add Ervin Santana to that list, too.

The Houston Astros, a team that has been sellers at the trade deadline for decades, acquired Scott Kazmir. Meanwhile, the Twins trot out Pelfrey and Milone. Are you kidding me, Ryan? False hope is what sells in the Twin Cities. Get some stones and make a trade. Make a splash! You don’t need to trade the farm, Ryan! One veteran player and a good prospect or two decent prospects will get you a good player!

The Astros traded Daniel Mengden and Jacob Nottingham to the Oakland Athletics for Kazmir. Both have solid numbers in the minors, but they might become below-average players in the majors. Meanwhile, Kazmir is a proven pitcher, and is left-handed!

The Toronto Blue Jays traded Jose Reyes and some prospects for the best shortstop (Tulowitzki) in the game! Are you kidding me?

What makes me sick is the Twins front office’s infatuation with their prospects. There hasn’t been a good prospect to come through the farm system in years! Not one prospect has dynamically changed this franchise in a very long time. We don’t have a Giancarlo Stanton or Mike Trout in our minor league system. Stop trying to build for the future when the future is now and there is a chance to make the playoffs! This is ridiculous.

Of course, when the Twins make a trade, it’s normally a crappy one. They’ll sell out for a guy like Matt Capps or Vance Worley. Are you kidding me?

Predicting what kind of career a young baseball player will have is a very tough thing to do. But when a player has had years of sustained success, should it really be difficult to trade for that player?

For the Twins, that decision is impossible to make. For everyone else, it’s a no-brainer.


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