Come on, big Pippen
Scottie Pippen was busy on Tuesday, throwing darts with his comments about how he was LeBron James before LeBron James. (Photo credit to

Come on, Scottie.

Scottie Pippen recently said, “I was LeBron James, before LeBron James.” He couldn’t be anymore wrong. While Pippen was a fantastic players, few players can be compared to James. In my opinion, Pippen was a better defender than James, but even that is close. Offensively, it’s not a comparison. James is far superior than Pippen when it comes to offense.

I feel like Pippen said this because he hasn’t been in the news recently and he is trying to stay relevant. However, this is not how someone of his ilk does it. James will go down as one of the greatest players, ever. Pippen is considered one of the best players, ever. The words “greatest” and “best” have completely different meanings.

Like I said earlier, come on, Scottie, you know better than to make headlines like this.

What do YOU think?

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