Does Shawn Marion deserve serious HOF consideration?

Could Shawn Marion be a Hall of Fame inductee in the future? (I don't take credit for the picture.)
Could Shawn Marion be a Hall of Fame inductee in the future? (I don’t take credit for the picture.)

Kevin Pelton of wrote an Insider article yesterday that was titled, “Numbers say if Steve Nash is Hall of Famer, so is Shawn Marion.”

That made me ask myself, “Does Shawn Marion really have a legitimate shot at the Hall of Fame?”

Let’s take a look.First off, Nash won back-to-back MVP’s, led the league in free throw percentage (twice) and the league in assists (six times). He was an eight-time All Star, All-NBA First Team (three times), and Second and Third Team a total of four more times.

He has drained the 15th-most three-pointers in NBA history (1,685) and is the league’s all-time leader in free throw percentage (90.4). His Player Efficiency Rating of 20.0 ranks him 67th all time.

More importantly, Nash is viewed as one of the best passers, ever. His career 8.5 assist average is third all time and he has dished out over 10,000 assists (10,335) in his fantastic 18-year career. He shot 50% from the field, 40% from three, and 90% from the line four times. No one else has done it more than two times. Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller, Kevin Durant, Larry Bird, and Mark Price were the others to complete that feat.

However, Nash doesn’t have a championship. While he was a part of some very good Dallas Maverick teams and some great Phoenix Sun teams, Nash has no bling to go on his finger.

Meanwhile, Marion does have a ring, and he was a critical cog to the Mavericks championship in 2011. He guarded LeBron James and almost made him completely disappear.

Marion is a four-time All-Star and has been an All-NBA Third Teamer twice in his career. He led the league in steals (twice) and finished in the top five three other times. He ranks 19th all time in steals (1,759), 39th in rebounds (10,101), and 52nd in blocks (1,233). He truly was a stat-stuffing machine, especially early on in his career.

His “Value Over A Replacement Player,” is much higher than Nash’s. Marion’s score sits at 52.1 (28th all time) and Nash’s score 31.2 (92nd all time). If you were to look at the overall numbers of each player, you would find the only thing Nash did better than Marion was shoot and pass. Marion scored more points, grabbed more rebounds, blocked more shots, and played the passing lane and on-ball defense better than Nash.

When I calculated Marion’s and Scottie Pippen’s Win Shares to get a Similarity Score, it came out as a 93.8 percent match. A score of 100 would be a perfect match. Marion totaled 125 Win Shares during his career while Pippen racked up 124.8. Pippin played one more season that Marion so I didn’t count Pippen’s last season. Instead of me explaining it and confusing everyone, here it the link that explains how it done. The penalty was 5.335, and Marion had a career value of 81.905 and Pippen had a career value of 91.18. Marion had 10 years where he scored higher Win Shares than Pippen, but Pippen has six years of double-digit Win Shares – to Marion’s four – and his Win Shares gradually declined, unlike Marion’s.

Nash scored a 90.1 with George Gervin.

I didn’t read Pelton’s article because I’m not an ESPN Insider, and I never will be, but I have to say that, for once, I agree with someone at ESPN. Marion has been a consistent player throughout his career and he always brought a lot to a team.

Unfortunately, his career didn’t end the way he wanted it to, with another championship, and he was rarely used in the playoffs.

I guess he should just be happy he was healthy to finish out his career, because Nash can’t say that. No one has heard from Nash but the bank as he is still collecting paychecks from the Los Angeles Lakers.

I think Marion should be given serious consideration for the NBA Hall of Fame.

More importantly, maybe Pelton and I can become friends?

Have a great day!


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