Top 2015 NBA (Unrestricted) Free Agent list

NBA free agency starts July 1st. (Photo credit to
NBA free agency starts July 1st. (Photo credit to

This summer’s free agent class has some big names, but not much depth. It will be interesting to see where the bigger names end up, though.

1. LeBron James – There is a great chance he re-signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Los Angeles appeals to everyone.

2. Marc Gasol – He loves Memphis, but he could also be a key piece on a team that is one player away.

3. LaMarcus Aldridge – I think Aldridge leaves Portland. Where will he end up?

4. Kevin Love – I have said for months that I believe Love will bolt for Los Angeles.

5. DeAndre Jordan – He could become a game-changer on any team but the Clippers.

6. Brook Lopez – He showed his immense talent in the 2015 playoffs, albeit for only one series.

7. Paul Millsap – Versatile, talented, and well-rounded are words that describe Millsap.

8. Greg Monroe – Young and skilled big man will draw a lot of interest. He would be a great fit for a lot of teams looking to add another key piece.

9. Dwyane Wade – Aging and yet to play 82 games in a season. He could be a valuable piece to a contender, but will likely serve a limited role if he leaves Miami.

10. Monta Ellis – He had a solid year in Dallas, but who knows if he will be back with the Mavericks.

11. DeMarre Carroll – I think he will stay with the Hawks, but he will get some big offers.

12. Josh Smith – He revived himself in Houston. Will he stay or will he go?

13. Wesley Matthews – Portland could go into semi-rebuild mode, especially if Aldridge leaves. Plus, Matthews is recovering from a torn Achilles.

14. Roy Hibbert – There has been little news on the Hibbert front. That could mean he is leaning towards leaving the Hoosier State.

15. Luol Deng – He won’t be back with the Heat, and there is no sign of where he will land.




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