Biggest mistake would be not taking Towns

The Minnesota Timberwolves would be smart to take Karl-Anthony Towns with the No. 1 pick. (Photo credit to
The Minnesota Timberwolves would be smart to take Karl-Anthony Towns with the No. 1 pick. (Photo credit to

The Minnesota Timberwolves will have a tough choice choosing between Karl-Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafor, and D’Angelo Russell when June 25 arrives.

Despite having Russell as No. 1 on my mock draft board, that will change when I re-do it later today.

In my opinion, Towns will be special.

Draft Express uploaded a video to YouTube yesterday of Karl-Anthony Towns going through a shooting workout. Click here to watch it.

While his stroke looks funky, he was hitting shots. Sure, it’s just a free-and-easy workout, but what is not to like? He was draining legitimate NBA three-pointers with relative ease.

Combine that with him being a better defender than Okafor ever will be and it should make him a cinch for the Timberwolves to take him No. 1.

If the Timberwolves don’t take him, I’ll be extremely ticked off. I understand that Okafor will be a good low-post player, and he can command and pass out of a double team, but that’s not how basketball is played anymore. Versatility needs to be one the No. 1 thing on Minnesota’s list. There is no question Towns is more versatile than Okafor. He can play power forward and center, and he can defend both positions.

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions too quickly, but Towns can also handle the ball. In the workout, he displayed everything he can do, but wasn’t allowed to do at Kentucky. I could be crazy and delusional, but I think he could become a playmaker in the NBA. Everything I have seen from Towns, I have liked. Even The New York Daily News calls it a “no-brainer” for Minnesota to take Towns.

It mentioned that Towns is “the new-age big man” and I couldn’t agree more. Okafor is the traditional, back-to-the-basket center, but he is also something that is becoming extinct. It’s nothing personal against Okafor (I don’t know the guy), but Towns is oozing with potential. He can spot up, take it off the dribble, and finish inside. He brings a defensive presence to a team that doesn’t know how to spell “d-e-f-e-n-s-e.”

Flip Saunders needs to get over his infatuation of Okafor and open his eyes to Towns.

The decision should come down to either Towns or Russell.

Okafor will be good, but I believe Towns and Russell will be borderline superstars.


One thought on “Biggest mistake would be not taking Towns

  1. Agreed. I’m hoping all this Flip-Okafor talk is somewhat of a smokescreen on the Wolves’ part. I did hear recently that in reality, the Wolves like Towns way more and it isn’t even close. Hopefully that is the case.

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