Never too early for NBA free agency

It appears a lot of big names will be on the open market come July 1.

Where will those players end up?

Here are my predictions.

Marc Gasol is the best two-way center in the NBA. He can score, rebound, pass, and block shots. He is a difference-maker in the middle. However, he is already 30-years old and is hitting free agency for the first time in his career.

He has fallen in love with Memphis and everybody knows it. He will receive a maximum contract from any team that can afford to offer him one. If he happens to leave Memphis, where might he end up?

There has been a lot of talk about the New York Knicks, but I don’t see him taking that big of a risk, especially with New York’s roster situation. He would be a great fit for the triangle offense, something Phil Jackson is trying to implement with Derek Fisher at the helm. However, I don’t see Gasol wanting to play with an aging Carmelo Anthony.

New York is out of the picture.

The San Antonio Spurs could become a favorite for Gasol. San Antonio will have plenty of cap space, even though Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are expected to come back next season. I can bet that both players will take a pay cut. Gasol would give the Spurs a viable center for the first time since David Robinson played for them. Adding him would make the Spurs the favorite to win the Western Conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers would be interesting, but I don’t think Gasol would be interested unless the Lakers signed a player like Kevin Love to compliment him.

Some other interesting possibilities could be Cleveland and Boston.

If Gasol cares about winning, I believe he will leave Memphis. It has already proven hard to win there in the playoffs. If winning is second on his list, Gasol will re-sign with Memphis. I don’t think he will sign with a team that didn’t make the playoffs in 2015.

There are rumors on the Internet saying LaMarcus Aldridge might be looking to sign with the Spurs. That would be a dynamite addition for a team that is in need of some help.

Aldridge would be more than “some” help, though.

While I’m sure he has enjoyed his time in Portland, I think he knows that Portland will never really contend for a title. As good as Damian Lillard is, he isn’t a championship-caliber player, yet. One question we will never know the answer to is “What if Wes Matthews didn’t get hurt?”

Aldridge is nearing the age of 30 and has made it out of the first round one time in nine years. He has been a 20-10 player the last two seasons and an All-Star the last four.

If Aldridge wants to win, he will strongly consider teams like San Antonio, Atlanta, Orlando, (don’t sleep on them) or Boston. Heck, even Phoenix would be a great option to consider.

I don’t think Aldridge will consider any team that doesn’t have a legitimate shot to win a title. He is at the point in his career where the money doesn’t matter anymore because he has already made $85 millions-worth.

That’s all I have for today.

I’ll be sure to highlight some more players in the coming days or weeks.


5 thoughts on “Never too early for NBA free agency

  1. I think Gasol ends up in either NY or SA, otherwise stays in Memphis. Aldridge is an interesting idea that I never thought about. He seems like the type of player that wants a max contract and Orlando has a very talented roster.


    1. If New York was good, I think Gasol would go there. I don’t know what they plan on doing, though, because they have a lot of needs. I think Aldridge to Orlando would be cool to see. Him, Vucevic and Harris would be fun to watch!


      1. If NY did land a guy like Gasol and Melo returned healthy, they’d have some flexibility with that 4th pick. They could trade it for a guard or a few role players, or take the BPA. Gasol doesn’t seem like an idiot so if he signed with NY, I’d look at it like he believed in the team’s plan. But like I said, he doesn’t seem like an idiot, so why would he want to go to NY in the first place?

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        1. Haha! I totally agree. I don’t think he would want to play in the triangle, anyway. I think he stays in Memphis, where he knows winning a championship will be tough, but he is loyal or he signs with another team that is currently contending or one piece away from contending.


          1. If there’s a center in the league who could play the triangle though, he could. His brother did well with Phil, and Marc is easily a better and more willing passer. But I agree with you, I think he stays in Memphis because he’s loyal. I heard SA rumors earlier this year, too.

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