What to make of Wild’s blowout loss?

I was going to make myself a drink for the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues playoff game Wednesday night.

The only problem was that the game was over before I could even add ice.

I can’t say I expected the Blues to pound the Wild, but I knew they would come out with some fire in the first period. But what really happened was an absolute barrage of missiles, rockets and grenades on a town made of wood.

The Wild allowed six goals in Wednesday’s defeat, a franchise record for goals allowed in one game.

Not only did they allow six goals, but they allowed six goals on their home ice just two days after pushing the Blues around in 3-0 victory on Monday night.

After taking all the momentum in the series with Monday’s victory, all the Wild had to do was win one game and then history would have been on their side.

Over the course of history, team’s with a 3-1 series lead win the series 91 percent of the time.

That clearly didn’t happen and now the Wild searches for answers.

After being spectacular for three straight months, last night Devan Dubnyk looked like he never played hockey before.

The Wild was playing five-on-3 the entire game. I say that because there was no defense. Case in point, Jared Spurgeon scored Minnesota’s only goal. He is a defenseman.

Maybe that was a little too harsh? But after years of losing franchises, how else am I supposed to think that Wednesday night’s loss spells “END OF YOUR SEASON.”

The worst it can get is the Wild loses 4-2.

Still, the Wild is in the series, but have lost all momentum.

One thing that really scares me is that the Blues are not last year’s Colorado Avalanche. This is a veteran team filled with talent.

The Blues were on their heels coming into Game 4, but now the roles are reversed.

The Wild is on their heels.

Can they bounce back from a big loss?

We will find out in just over 24 hours.


What do YOU think?

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