America, enough is enough

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I try to stay away from writing about bad news.

But it’s hard to keep quiet any longer.

As an American who is sick and tired of the Washington Clown Car, frustration has built up too much for me.

Christian persecution in today’s world has gone far enough.

Each month, 322 Christians are killed, 214 Christian churches are damaged or destroyed and 772 forms of violence are committed against Christians. That’s on average.

IS has made it its mission to destroy all Christians in the Middle East and even in The United States.

Our so-called “Christian” has done nothing about it. He even refuses to call IS “radical muslims.” He thinks we need to understand these people. Really? We need to understand “these people?” Give me a break. Stop brushing it aside, Mr.

“Leaders” don’t brush things like this aside. If he was a leader, he would have already stepped up to the plate and delivered a solution. However, he’s more preoccupied with letting millions of illegals stay in this country.

For the people who think they actually win an all-expense paid trip when a pop-up appears on their computer, so they click on it and find out it’s a computer virus, well way to not have any common sense.

That’s what they voted for.

Things just aren’t given to people. Actually, in his case, he has no problem giving people free things as long as the taxpayers pay for it. It doesn’t come out of his or any of his people’s pockets.

He promised great things, but hasn’t delivered on a damn thing. Like a deaf man driving a car, he didn’t hear that all his tires exploded. We have been riding on the rims of the same car for six years.

Eleven million people got healthcare thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Eleven million people at the expense of people who were already insured.

Affordable Care Act recipients chip in a measly $82 per month, while taxpayers pay $246 a month.

He says what he wants to have happen, but doesn’t say what is really going to happen.

He doesn’t care about The Constitution or Bill of Rights.

He is the anti-Robin Hood. He takes from the poor and gives to the rich. He says “Do your part,” which is code for “pay more taxes.”

If you think Robin Hood stole from the rich, you’re wrong. He took back the poor people’s tax money.

He wants to take away guns. He is a community organizer. He has organized all of us to serve his and the globalists self-interest.

Here is a characteristic of a community organizer – Where negotiations fail, these organizations quickly seek to inform others outside of the organization of the issues being addressed and expose or pressure the decision-makers through a variety of means, including picketing, boycotting, sit-ins, petitioning, and electoral politics. Organizing groups often seek out issues they know will generate controversy and conflict, this allows them to draw in and educate participants, build commitment, and establish a reputation for winning.

He thinks he can make laws out of thin air.

Of course, ignorance blames others for its current predicament, and even failures.

The more something is subsidized, the less it is worth.

He has implemented billions of dollars worth of subsidies.

But no one cares to look at the real numbers because it is so much easier to go with what is wrote in the popular newspaper or what is spoken on the popular news channel.

Convenience has become the new norm in society.

You can’t have a great country if everyone doesn’t do their required part. You can’t go out to dinner with the same girl and have her pick up the tab all the time. She will dump you.

People roam the streets like zombies and nobody seems to be motivated.

He promised to be an inspiration, but has actually robbed people of it instead.

It’s time to get with it and be a part of the turnaround of this country in 2016.

Living in a small town, these people have it right. People go about their business and leave each other alone. Most everyone is a friend and people are out here trying to make a buck. They want nothing more than their freedom, right to bear arms, money and to go home to their families every night only to wake up and do the same thing tomorrow.

History always repeats itself. All failed countries fail the same way.

Americans won’t be sad to see him go.

– One Sadden American Citizen of The United States of America

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