Again, stupidity from Bristol

If you would like to see how a college like the Kentucky Wildcats would fare against NBA competition, look no further than the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Once again, the idiots at ESPN are talking about things it knows nothing about.

Today, on ESPN’s television show “First Take”, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless talked without using their brains, again.

Both gentlemen were in agreement in saying the Cleveland Cavaliers had got the better of the Kevin Love-Andrew Wiggins deal made with the Minnesota Timberwolves last August.

Bayless questioned whether Wiggins was even any good and Smith said some more senseless junk.

One thing they clearly haven’t paid any attention to is who the Timberwolves are playing. Currently, seven players are either hurt or injured, forcing head coach Flip Saunders to play: Zach Lavine (rookie) Adreian Payne (rookie), Justin Hamilton (who?), Chase Budinger (bum), Lorenzo Brown (basically a rookie) and Anthony Bennett, along with Wiggins.

I think that’s about all you need to know about Wiggins’ current situation. Minnesota has a bunch of soft players who are always either hurt or injured, and Minnesota better damn well fix it soon.

Michael Jordan, in his prime, could not win 30 games with this current squad. I’m talking about the six-championships-in-eight-years Jordan, too. LeBron James would be lucky to win 20 games with this team, and he probably wouldn’t even win that many.

How are is a “sports journalist” going to say a team won a trade when it has only been seven months? How stupid is Bayless and Smith? I’ll tell you how stupid: They’ll change their stance once Love bolts for Los Angeles when he doesn’t win a title Cleveland.

And Love WILL leave Cleveland once the season is over.

It’s just more idiocracy from the East Coast.


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