Could Kevin Durant’s career be in jeopardy?

Kevin Durant has been the best pure scorer in the modern-day. He has also been the most un-guardable player, probably since Michael Jordan. His height and length prevent shorter defenders from contesting his shot and his quickness helps him get by slower, more-lumbering players.

In other words, he is a matchup nightmare.

His foot issue is also a nightmare.

Back in October, Durant suffered the same foot injury that ended Yao Ming’s career. It’s the same injury that has forced Brook Lopez to miss 150 games in his six-plus year career, too. He re-injured his foot and hasn’t played since Feb. 19, a game in which he struggled with his foot the entire 37:14 he was on the floor.

In the 27 games he did play this season, Durant’s minutes were down about four minutes per game from his career average. His efficiency was still pretty much the same and so were his numbers.

Durant was on the mend just a week ago, but the Oklahoma City Thunder got news today that Durant has suffered a setback and is now out “indefinitely.”

When doctors aren’t able to figure out a timetable for return it usually means it’s going to be a long time.

It’s still too early to tell what might happen with Durant, but I believe his NBA career could be in jeopardy. Not only did he hurt his foot once, but he came back entirely too early the first time, hurt it again, rested for two weeks, missed four games between Dec. 31 and Feb. 6, looked really good in four out of five games from Feb. 6 to Feb. 19, and then we haven’t seen him since.

Foot problems for bigger guys have become common. One thing Durant has going for him that Yao didn’t was Durant is considerably lighter than Yao. Yao weighed over 300-pounds and was abnormally tall. Durant is 6’10 and probably 215-pounds.

However, the best days of Durant might be behind, even if he is able to come back from this injury.

There is no question he would have gone down as the best scorer in NBA history.

Hey, he still might.


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