Stephen A. Smith at the root of controversy, again

Stephen A. Smith is at it, again. A couple of weeks after he directed a tweet at me, calling me an idiot, he hints that Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly is racist because of the moves he is making during the offseason. How this man is still employed, I don’t know?

Sure, he has been on the big stage of mainstream media for some time now. It’s probably further than I’ll ever go, but I don’t think I would want to work for a company like ESPN. Yes, money is great, but I couldn’t handle the egos of the people who were work there, especially Smith’s.

For him to hint that a white coach is getting rid of black players because of race is utterly absurd. That has to be one of the stupidest comments to ever have come out of his mouth.

Philadelphia got rid of DeSean Jackson because he was a headache for the franchise. Was he a good player? Yes, he was very productive. But when it was  reported he had connections with a gang, the Eagles questioned whether having him on the team was a good idea or not. Now, who knows if those reports are true but if they are, shouldn’t that be enough reason to get rid of a player?

The troubles mounted for Jackson even before Kelly was head coach. On June 6 2011, Jackson was on Sirius XM’s “All Out with Rude Jude and Lord Sear” and told a caller to say “no-homo.” He proceeded to call the person a “g**-a** fa****.”


Despite all that, his attitude was the biggest determining factor why the Eagles got rid of him. He was talented, but the production wasn’t worth the headache.

Moving on to LeSean McCoy.

Smith made it sound like the Eagles were getting rid of Walter Payton or Earl Campbell in their prime. McCoy made close to $10 million last season, but his production was that of a league-minimum running back. He picked up his production late in the season, mostly because Nick Foles was hurt and Kelly found out that having Mark Sanchez throw the ball is a disaster. He finished with 1,319 yards and five touchdowns. His receiving yards were down nearly 400 from the year before and his rushing yards were down about 300. His attempts were nearly identical. He scored 11 total touchdowns in 2013, but just five total touchdowns in 2014. Since entering the league in 2009, McCoy’s production has been inconsistent, to say the least, and doesn’t scream “$10 MILLION MAN!”

It just so happens that Kelly traded McCoy to Buffalo for a former Oregon linebacker, Kiko Alonso, who is not white. Alonso is of Latin and South American decent.

Next, Smith brought up Jeremy Maclin.

Maclin was a free agent and decided to choose Kansas City over Philadelphia to play for Andy Reid, who just so happens to coach the Kansas City Chiefs in the state that Maclin is from and where he went to college. Reid and Philadelphia drafted Maclin out of the University of Missouri in 2009. It should also be noted that Maclin will be making $11 million in Kansas City instead of the $10 million he was offered in Philadelphia.

Then, Smith questioned why Riley Cooper was still on the team.

The only reason Cooper is still on the team is because he is a decent wide receiver and isn’t making a lot of money. His salary will jump from $1 million to $4 million this upcoming season.

Smith never acknowledged that Kelly cut two white players, James Casey and Todd Herremans, re-signed a Mexican-American quarterback, Sanchez, and is looking to sign cornerback Byron Maxwell, who is African-American.

The whole issue of race has all gotten so out-of-hand over the past few years. When something drastic happens, nobody takes a step back to survey the situation. Instead, everyone takes a step forward and is looking to indulge themselves in it. Every time someone is shot by a police officer, whether it was a black or white person, people are ready for war and are lining up to protest.

Eventually people get sick of protesting because they feel they aren’t being heard and then they go on to destroy businesses or get in fights. Nothing is ever solved from that.

Problems are only made worse when people, in influential positions, spew non-sense towards an uninformed public audience.

First off, it’s the public’s fault for not informing themselves.

Second, shame on the people who misinform the public. They clearly don’t do their homework, either.

Did Mr. Smith ever think: “Hmmm, maybe Chip wants to have a better team with more salary cap flexibility?” Did that ever come to mind of Mr. Smith? Or did he just read reports that said Philadelphia was dumping black players because its coach is racist?

I would argue the former, but I’m white, so that probably makes me racist too, right?

Football isn’t like basketball in the sense where having superstars will almost guarantee a winner. In football, an entire team full of good players is required to guarantee a winner.

Mr. Smith wouldn’t know this because he knows nothing about football.

Between all his fancy word-play, which just confuses people, and his shouting at the life-less body that is Skip Bayless, people lose sight that Mr. Smith doesn’t know a lot.

Oh, and reading tweets from John Clayton, Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter don’t count as being informed, Mr. Smith.

This was probably the most “egregious” comment of your career, Mr. Smith.


What do YOU think?

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