Thursday Trade Thoughts

Some stuff happened during Thursday’s trade deadline. A LOT, actually. Some solid names were involved for the first time in quite a while, but HEY, it’s a business right?

Here are my thoughts on the trades.It’s almost been four hours since the NBA trade deadline passed. Almost every year it’s the 9th or 10th man being sent from one team to another in exchange for a draft pick.Big-name trades are usually just speculation.

This year, big(ger) names were involved and it added some excitement to the league as it resumes its games tonight.

1. Not-so-point-guard-heavy-Phoenix: Phoenix shipped off two of its point guards Thursday. The Suns traded All-NBA point guard Goran Dragic (and his bro, Zoran) to the Miami Heat for Danny Granger, Justin Hamilton and two first-round picks.

I thought Shabazz Napier was good, LeBron?

I think this is one of the dumbest things Phoenix could have done. I understand that Dragic isn’t the fancy, flashy, high-jumping, pogo-stick point guard that teams covet these days, but he is one of the NBA’s better point guards. The reason his numbers across the board are down is because he is splitting time with two other point guards. The Suns had an ALL-NBA POINT GUARD and they screwed him over when they thought signing Isaiah Thomas to a contract bigger than his body was a good idea.

I’ll get to Thomas next.

It makes no sense what the Suns are doing. They were a good team and in position to compete for the 8th or 7th in the playoffs. I don’t think they’ll ever get a marquee free agent, even though Phoenix is a splendid city, so why would you trade away good players for crap? Clearing the money off its books isn’t worth it.

Trading Dragic wasn’t the only move the Suns made Thursday. They also traded away Thomas, their big free agent signing. They dealt him to the Boston Celtics for Marcus Thornton and 2016 first-round pick from Cleveland. Thornton’s career peaked in 2010-2011. He is a volume-shooter/volume-scorer player who has yet to find a home in the NBA. The Cleveland pick is worthless, especially if Kevin Love stays in Cleveland and the Cavaliers continue to grow and get better.

The Suns did pick up Brandon Knight in a separate trade. I do like that acquisition for Phoenix and hate it for Milwaukee. I’ll get to Milwaukee’s side later.

I think Knight is an underrated point guard in the NBA. He is quietly having a very a good season averaging 18 points, 5.4 assists and 4.3 assists. Jason Kidd was doing a very good with him.

I don’t get where Phoenix is going so I’m not going to bother reading between the lines.

I think the Suns got worse with the deals they made, but they really screwed themselves over in the offseason.

2. Milwaukee trading Knight for MCW: I don’t agree with this trade, whatsoever. I think Milwaukee made a huge mistake trading away Knight for Michael Carter-Williams. Carter-Williams is nothing more than a stat-stuffer, a potential triple-double threat every game. If he was any good, Philadelphia would have kept him and would have won a few more games.

If Kidd can teach MCW how to shoot, then Kidd should have a yearly award named after him, something like “Magical Shooter of the Year”. MWC is shooting 38 percent from the field, even Ricky Rubio is four percentage points better.

I think Milwaukee made a mistake, but we’ll see.

3. Kevin Garnett returns to Minnesota: As a fan of the Timberwolves, I’m fine with this move. I liked Thaddeus Young and I wanted him to have a good experience in Minnesota. I don’t fault the Timberwolves for making this deal though, because they were going to have to either pay Young in July or let him go for nothing. If anything, Garnett will sell tickets for about a month. He’ll get a more-than-welcomed return from the Minnesota “Nice” fans when the Timberwolves host Phoenix tomorrow.

He’ll teach Minnesota’s youth what it means to be successful on and off the court. Garnett has been nothing but a professional since he entered the league.

4. Oklahoma sacrifices a quality backup PG for a so-so backup forward: This moves also makes very little sense to me. Russell Westbrook has been one of the most oft-injured point guards the last few seasons and the Thunder trades Reggie Jackson to Detroit for Enes Kanter, D.J. Augustin, Kyle Singler, and Steve Novak?

I don’t understand, but I rarely do anyway.

The best thing about the deal is no NBA fan will have to see Kendrick Perkins play on national television again because OKC FINALLY GOT RID OF HIM. He’ll head to Detroit in the deal.

I’m mum on everything else. From the things I have read, I know Jackson expressed interest in becoming a starter, but he obviously wasn’t going to get it in Oklahoma City. I like Kanter, but he isn’t going to shock you when you watch him. He thinks he has become a three-point threat, just like Serge Ibaka. He is a definite upgrade over Perkins, though.

It’ll be interesting to see how this trade works out.

5. Blazers take Afflalo from Denver: Well, it’s official. The Nuggets have packed it in, as well they should. What the hell has Denver been doing? Ever since they let go of George Karl they have lost all direction. One day they want to trade all their players and the next day they are signing guys to outrageous contracts.

The Portland Trail Blazers just got a whole helluva lot better. While Afflalo won’t get starter minutes like he did in Denver, he’ll make an awesome sixth-man. He fits right into Portland’s system: three-point shooting spree. Portland has attempted the third-most three-pointers in the NBA this season, behind Houston and Dallas, with 1,476 attempts.

That’s all I have for now. It’s time to get back to watching games!



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