Don’t be surprised if Love heads to L.A.

Love wanted out of Minnesota because he thought management was incompetent and he wanted to win. After three months, he knows Cleveland is much worse.

Did he really believe every problem would be solved by simply moving teams and playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving? Love moved 757.5 miles to Cleveland, Ohio so he could continue to play on an average team. How long has Cleveland been bad, even with LeBron? Cleveland was never going to win a title with LeBron surrounded by old, useless players. Look at the teams LeBron had the first time he was in Cleveland. There was no talent there. And this time around, they put some talent around him, but he is old, on the decline, and the bench players are old and awful.

Love is getting exactly what he deserves. His PER is down nearly eight points. His scoring, rebounding, assists, and shooting numbers are down across the board. His win shares have decreased by more than 10! All the while, his minutes played have stayed the same. His usage percentage is down six percent, but since James has been out with “injuries”, Love has helped Cleveland to one victory, a four-point win over a bad Charlotte team. In that time, the Cavaliers are 1-7 and losers of five in a row, including blowout losses to Golden State, Dallas, and Sacramento, and an embarrassing to loss to Philadelphia.

Gosh, Kevin. You must love Cleveland, huh?

Which brings me to this: Kevin Love will not play for Cleveland next year. After a time, players realize that it’s not going to work out some place. LeBron isn’t the same player anymore. So why would love want to stick around Cleveland when Los Angeles could offer him a max contract and the chance to play with Russell Westbrook?

Obviously it’s all speculation, but I think Love is as good as gone after the season. I saw what he did in Minnesota. He played better on Minnesota and Minnesota had a better group of players around him. The problem with Minnesota is that it’s in the Western Conference and the team’s defense was terrible.

I predict Love will bolt to sunny Los Angeles once free agency hits on July 1st, where he will join Kobe Bryant for his last season and sign a one-year contract, and then maxed out in 2016.

Did I forget to mention that he isn’t going to win in Los Angeles, either?


What do YOU think?

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