Individual Player Value Per Win Share and Contract Ranking System

When coming up with a way to rank something, and make it accurate in the process, it has to be the toughest thing. How do you calculate if a player is under-paid, over-paid, or getting paid the right amount? Do you give certain players any leniency and penalize others? I’m not a guy who studies business models and I know very little about economics, but I can assure you that I know how to judge what a player is worth on the court. Of course, every NBA owner would love to have the endless amount of money that you can only find in a video game. Heck, the other day, my friend and I signed Andrew McCutchen to a 10-year, $385 million contract and he was 31-years-old! It’s extremely unrealistic that a baseball player would be making $41.5 million at 41 years of age! But I digress. I have concluded that the average (and by “average” I mean that a team is “getting their money’s-worth” from a player) Money-Earned Per Win Share is $1,000,000. 1 Win Share should be equal to, roughly, $1 million. So, if a player just received a max contract (roughly $15 million a year the first year, then it increases), that player should be putting out 15 Win Shares that season. If he puts out more, then he was under-paid. If he puts out less, then he was over-paid. Now, for players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant now, and Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and Shaquille O’Neal (in their primes). Here is what I have come up with (and it will probably be subject to change)
NBA All-Star = +$10,000
1st Team All NBA = +$100,000
2nd Team All NBA = +$50,000
3rd Team All NBA = +$25,000
1st Team All Defense = +$100,000
2nd Team All Defense = +$50,000
Both Teams = extra $50,000
MVP = +$75,000
DPOY = +$50,000
I will be evaluating 30 of the league’s most notable players or players who had good seasons season starting with the 2000 season and eventually making it to the 2013 season. There will be three categories: Under-Paid, Adequately Paid, and Over-Paid. This is different than what I have done with the draft classes, so far (I’m working my way through those as quickly as I can). I hope you guys find this interesting, if not, at least informative


What do YOU think?

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