The Houston Rockets are waiting, LeBron

Even though LeBron James isn’t purposely holding the Houston Rockets hostage, he still stands between the Rockets and their ability to get better through free agency. The funny thing is, the Rockets aren’t even pursuing him. Clearly James is having a huge impact on free agency. (I do not take credit for this photo)

No, the Houston Rockets aren’t pursuing LeBron James. But James’ decision on whether to re-sign with the Miami Heat or move on to another team, is chewing up valuable time for the Rockets.It has been reported that the Rockets have offered forward Chris Bosh the max contract (fours year and $88 million), however, Bosh would return to Miami if James does first.

But guess what? Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has put the Rockets in a bind because the Mavericks just offered Houston restricted free agent Chandler Parsons a three-year, $45 million offer sheet in which Houston has three days on whether to match it or let Parsons go. The Rockets cannot sign Parsons before Bosh because of the salary cap. However, if the Rockets were able to sign Bosh, then they would be allowed to go over the salary cap to re-sign Parsons. But all of that has to happen in the next three days.

But James seems to be holding up that scenario, whether he knows it or not. I don’t think he really cares, either.

The clock is ticking on Houston’s time but they are in a help-less situation, unless Bosh opts to take the high-road and sign with Houston before James makes his decision. But you can’t blame James for taking his time, even though he might be drawing it out a little too long. This will be the only time in his career, where he is in his prime, holds all the chips and has had the most power a NBA player has had, maybe ever.

He is going to get his money, there’s no question about that. He can either take the max contract in Miami Heat, where he wouldn’t have to pay state income tax or he could take the max contract offered by another team (maybe Cleveland?), but the contract would be about $30 million less over the duration of the contract.

Parsons is the type of player that Mavericks want, especially since Shawn Marion is getting old and clearly isn’t as effective as he used to be, but yet, he is still productive. Parsons can do a bit of everything, and does it pretty well. Parsons, a former second round pick, averaged 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4 assists per game last season.

As for the Rockets, losing out on Parsons and Bosh, possibly, could knock them down a few rungs in the Western Conference. Keep in mind, they traded away defensive center Omer Asik last month.

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