“Once In A Lifetime Event” at Target Field

Target Field, in Minneapolis, Minnesota., will be the host field of the 2014 MLB All-Star Game next Tuesday. (I do not take credit for this photo)
Target Field, in Minneapolis, Minnesota., will be the host field of the 2014 MLB All-Star Game next Tuesday. (I do not take credit for this photo)

I vaguely remember the first time Minnesota hosted. It was the 2004 NHL All-Star Game, a time when I wasn’t interested in hockey. However, this summer will be a blast. For the second time in my lifetime, the state of Minnesota will host an All-Star game.

The 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game is coming to Minneapolis this weekend, starting with the MLB Futures Game and All-Star Celebrity Game on Sunday; Home Run Derby on Monday; following with the big finale of the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

It will be an amazing event at Target Field, a state-of-art facility and probably one the most unique, beautiful ballparks in the Majors. A lot of people don’t know understand how great of a city Minneapolis, and how big it actually is. It might only be the 46th biggest city in the country, but it’s the 14th biggest metropolitan area in the country.

That’s beside the point, though.

As Minnesotans, I know all the fans who attend the event(s) will appreciate the collection of talent on the field because, as Minnesotans, we haven’t been getting our proper dosage of it lately. We like to get rid of or let go of most of our stars so they can have success other places. Like David Ortiz (392 home runs later), Carlos Gomez, and the immortal Torii Hunter in baseball. Our basketball superstar, Kevin Love, dropped out of the Celebrity All-Star Game. How classy, huh? Amidst trade rumors and speculation that he doesn’t want to be here, even though he is our most marketable star, he dropped out of a “for fun” event. I suppose he feels like that’s what the first six years of his career have felt like, “for fun”.

At least Minnesota appreciates its players while they are here, unlike many bigger cities, where they can become just another statistic. It’s like big college vs small college. Los Angeles is big college, where the professor will never know your name, unless you make it big. Minnesota is small college, where the teacher might never forget your name regardless of your success.

Two former Minnesota Twins, Pat Neshek and (Carlos) Gomez, will be representing the National League side, while two current Twins, Glen Perkins and Kurt Suzuki, will be representing the American League side. And a side note: former Twin Justin Morneau is in the “Final Vote” spot on the National League side, even though the Twins thought he was “done” playing baseball and gave him away for free last season. And it’s pretty sad that our “best” player, Joe Mauer, won’t be able to represent his team in the All-Star Game. All that money must be weighing him down.

In all honesty, I’m excited for the events that will take place over the next eight days. It’s about the fan experience, and I think that Target Field has the best amenities in all of baseball, and the ballpark is absolutely spectacular. The Derby might be a bit of a challenge for some hitters, even though they have yet to be named. American League captain Jose Bautista should pick Minnesota Twins’ slugger Josh Willingham, who would have a great chance to win it. It will probably be the only thing Twins fans will be able to cheer for during the three-day event. Well, we do have three players in this year’s Futures Game but you know what I am saying.

Also, it will be Derek Jeter’s last ASG. Twins fans gave him a standing ovation in his last regular season at-bat yesterday at Target Field, and I’m sure next Tuesday will be even more special. Us Twins fans never liked Jeter because he was such a pain in our ass, but we can’t deny greatness, especially since we haven’t had greatness since 1991. Jeter is a class-act and deserves to be able to do whatever he wants next Tuesday.

Embrace the next eight days, Minnesota Twins fans. It will be a great event, and I can’t wait for it happen.

Finally, a sellout at Target Field this season.


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