Why Help A Team Out? And Draft Talk

The NBA draft took place on Thursday night and I could not have been more intrigued by the selections my Minnesota Timberwolves made. But I was puzzled by some selections other teams made.With the 13th pick in the first round, the T’Wolves selected the most athletic player in the draft: UCLA’s Zach LaVine. He has the potential to be the next Russell Westbrook-type player. At 6 feet five inches tall, LaVine possesses a lot of skills that the T’Wolves were looking for in a player. But he has to develop first. Their big second round pick was Michigan’s Glenn Robinson III. Another athletic player and son of former NBA player Glenn Robinson Jr. I like Robinson’s skills, and I think he will be a useful player.

Now, to what I don’t understand. LeBron James could play with just about any other superstar or really good player in the league, but he insists that former UCONN point guard Shabazz Napier is the answer to Miami’s point guard problems. I’m sorry, but is he the second coming of Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, or Tony Parker? I think Napier is good, but I also think James is desperate, but I didn’t know he was desperate for a college player to help him out. That’s something that baffles me. If he thinks Napier is that good, I wonder what he thinks about Kyle Lowry?

Which brings me to another point, and my main one at that.

Why are teams helping out Miami? Why would the Toronto Raptors trade Lowry to Miami for basically nothing? You play in the same conference as them and you should want to dismantle their team and take their players; not trade one of your best players to them. What are the Raptors thinking? If the Heat are able to add Lowry, that clearly puts them in the driver’s seat, again, especially if they are able to re-sign Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and James. I don’t understand some team’s logic and there is no way to justify this move by Toronto, if it happens. It’s amazing to me how dumb some front offices are.

And now that the draft is over, it’s time for some predictions.

I think Andrew Wiggins will be a mediocre, maybe one or two-time all star during his career. I don’t think he is aggressive enough on offense, and everyone keeps talking about his amazing athleticism. Stop that. A lot of two-guards or small forwards in the NBA is as or more athletic than him. I still think he can have a solid career, but too much hype has been placed on him and it started when he went to Kansas. That wasn’t fair to him.

Jabari Parker will be the most consistent offensive player in this draft. I’m saying not he is going to average 25 ppg, but I can definitely see him averaging between 17 and 20 ppg per season and shooting between 46 and 48 percent throughout his whole career. He will make a few all star teams, but I don’t think he has what it takes to bring the Milwaukee Bucks to the NBA Finals. I don’ think anyone does (SHOTS FIRED).

As for Joel Embiid, I hope we don’t have another Greg Oden case on our hands. He has the ability that not very big men have on offense, and he can block shots on defense. If he can stay relatively healthy for 10 years, he will be by far, and I mean by far, the best player in this draft. Maybe even a chance to be considered for the hall of fame when his career is over.

Kobe Bryant’s tweet to Julius Randle on Thursday night after the Los Angeles Lakers drafted the former Kentucky forward received over 31k retweets. Seems like Los Angeles is getting a little ahead of themselves here. I like Randle, but not that much. Los Angeles will be lucky to win 35 games this season, even with Bryant and other potential free agents. Unless they make a huge splash.

A few more things.

I don’t know why people are so high on Nik Stauskas. Yes, he can shoot, but so could Jimmer Fredette. I understand he is taller than Fredette, but just how good is Stauskas? I think he is a overrated. Good luck getting shots in Sacramento by the way.

The Phoenix Suns drafted T.J. Warren. I don’t know about that pick. I don’t think he will fit.

The Chicago Bulls took Gary Harris and traded for Doug McDermott. I like it. But let’s slow the roll on the Bulls. Everything depends on Rose.

Oklahoma City took Mitch McGary. Why?

And the San Antonio Spurs took Kyle Anderson. I love it. Hopefully he will get a chance to play because he has a chance to be rookie of the year.

What do YOU think?

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