Don’t let Kevin Love walk, but trade him; actually who even cares?

It was inevitable from the day he signed his four-year, $60 million contract that Kevin Love, if the Minnesota Timberwolves didn’t improve or make the playoffs by the time the contract was up, he’d walk or demand a trade. Well, this past weekend, he made it pretty damn clear.

It’s not that the T’Wolves haven’t improved since Love signed his contract, it’s that they haven’t stayed healthy to make the playoffs. One year of the contract was basically wasted when Love was hurt and only played in 18 games in the 2012-2013 season. Now, he says he will be testing the market when he is scheduled to become a free agent on July 1st 2015, unless something drastic happens.

In my opinion, the T’Wolves got themselves into hot water last season, when new GM and former T’Wolves coach Flip Saunders signed center Nikola Pekovic to a rich $50 million contract over four years. Rookie center Gorgui Dieng proved to be a better defensive player and showed potential of developing a nice offensive game to compliment his defense. Meanwhile, Pekovic has been hurt every season he has been in the NBA and last year was no different. Pekovic missed 28 games last season due to various injuries and, some would say, him not being healthy is the reason the T’Wolves didn’t have a real shot at making the playoffs.

You know what? Forget all the stats and numbers of contracts and trade speculation. Matter of fact, the ONLY two trades the T’Wolves should consider doing are with Golden State and follows as is: David Lee, Harrison Barnes, and 2014 first round pick OR David Lee and Klay Thompson. Anything other than that, the T’Wolves are setting themselves back even further.

Now, I’m going to speak like the stupid, die-hard Minnesota sports fan that I am. WE DON’T WANT YOU. It’s clear Love isn’t about winning, especially if he is considering teams like the New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers. It’s clear the T’Wolves organization isn’t about winning if they are thinking about trading him to the Chicago Bulls or, heaven forbid, the Boston Celtics. If Love goes to Los Angeles, he won’t win. That roster is absolutely dreadful. If he goes to New York, he will be the third option behind Carmelo Anthony and Carmelo Anthony (yes, I said his name twice). In Chicago, I don’t know who will get more fed up first: Tom Thibodeau because Love is a BAD defender or Love, himself, because Derrick Rose STILL won’t be healthy. Boston just sucks now. At least Kevin Garnett WILLED his team to victories. Love sits out game because of back spasms. People pay hard-earned money to watch him play, not complain about calls. I vouched for this man for three long, hard years. I sat and watched games on my computer, MY COMPUTER when I know we didn’t have a chance in hell of winning or we were out of the playoffs. I don’t care that he scores a lot of points or grabs a lot of rebounds, he can’t lead him team. He hasn’t done it since his UCLA team was BLOWN OUT in the 2008 Final Four by Memphis. I watched a game earlier this year when the T’Wolves were in Charlotte, a game the T’Wolves needed to keep pace in the Western Conference. And do you know what happened? They got embarrassed! A few weeks later, the T’Wolves beat the Miami Heat in Miami, and the next night, they lay an egg against Orlando. Garnett NEVER let that happen. And then, how does a “star” finish out the season and the career of one the league’s best coaches? His team loses THREE straight games to teams with worse records and on the last night, they were basically run off the floor at home against Utah until Kevin Martin got hot because Utah just sucks. If that isn’t the biggest F U to Rick Adelman, I don’t know what is.

I’d say let him go to Los Angeles. Who cares anymore? I don’t. I’m sick of this stuff. Clearly, you AREN’T committed. The T’Wolves don’t need you. And somehow, Ricky Rubio plays better without you. I’m sure glad we saved him the MAX contract.

Goodbye Love.


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