What to do with Donald Sterling and what should the Clippers do?

Donald Sterling made racist remarks this past weekend. Now, his team might be quit on him.
Donald Sterling made racist remarks this past weekend. Now, his team might be quit on him.

Not every day does a big-time sport’s franchise owner make extremely inappropriate remarks about the majority race in one of the most popular sports in the world. But this weekend, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, did just that.

Sterling, “allegedly”,  told his girlfriend, of Mexican and African-American descent, to stop bringing “black” people to Clipper home games. That certainly got a rise out of several of the NBA’s greatest players, namely Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and today, Kobe Bryant. Not to mention every Clipper player wore black socks during their playoff game yesterday against the Golden State Warriors. Also, they decided to not wear their warm-ups and turned their shooting shirts inside-out. Head coach Doc Rivers said he might even come back next season to coach the team.

After years and years of being the little sister to the Los Angeles Lakers (I’m putting that lightly), and years and years of being losers since becoming owner, Sterling probably didn’t realize his team was pretty good this season  and that they have a legitimate shot to compete for a NBA title. Now he has ticked off just about every African-American legend, and has put the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, in the toughest position he will probably ever be in as commissioner.

First off, who says that about a race of people? I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, or orange because you fell asleep in the tanning bed too long, if you’re putting money in my pocket, you’re more than welcomed to come to games.

Secondly, I thought we were past this point in society? Does Sterling have any clue what he said and/or why he said it? How come he has yet to apologize? There is no way he can actually stand behind what he said, is there? Does he realize his head coach and 12 of the 14 players on the roster are AFRICAN-AMERICAN! Even if you are a racist, I think you’d want to keep it to yourself because, in my opinion, being a racist is absolutely pathetic today. There is no place in society for it. You don’t have to like anyone, but you should respect them, especially when they work for you, Sterling.

Once I heard of the comments made by Sterling, I immediately said to myself, “The Clippers will not win another game in this series.” How did they do yesterday? Their defense allowed 39 points in the first quarter, chucked-up 31 three-pointers, and turned it over 19 times. I don’t think the Clippers will “throw” the rest of the series because I think they should value the work and effort they put into this season shouldn’t go to waste and if they are professionals, they should act like it, stick it out, and decide their futures in the offseason. In America, we always talk about “rising above” adversity. The Clippers should plan on doing it, even if they and a lot of other people believe there is no point in playing anymore. There is still a reason. A champion will be crowned in June.

As for Sterling. You can’t just take away the team from him because he owns the franchise. I think he should strongly consider selling the team. He bought the team for $13 million in the 1980’s, and today the team is worth over $700 million.

If I was him, I would sell, take my money, and swim around in it, and think about what he said and how many people he hurt or disrespected.



What do YOU think?

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