NFL players face a lesser penalty, ALL THE TIME (cough, cough; Aldon Smith)

Does anyone remember what Donte Stallworth did in 2009?

Stallworth was driving drunk and killed a pedestrian. What was his sentence? 30 DAYS in jail! The event occurred in Florida, where the average charge of that crime is 10 YEARS. Stallworth gets 30 days. Why? Was it because he pleaded guilty? Or was it because the law felt bad for suspending his driver’s license forever? He killed someone. I don’t understand how athletes get away with things more than regular citizens.

It is because some athletes don’t have college degrees and need to earn a bigger salary than 50 to 75 percent of Americans? I thought everyone needs to work in order to provide for themselves and/or family?

So I read today that San Francisco linebacker Aldon Smith may only face a misdemeanor when he threaten security at Los Angeles International Airport earlier this month.

How the hell is he only facing a misdemeanor charge? I didn’t know that threatening to have a bomb is a “lesser” criminal act? How pathetic is the justice system in our little poor America? It’s pretty bad if you ask me, and some people lack the common sense and disgust me so much. Players like Smith should be dismissed, banned, kicked out, or abolished from the NFL. If people thought the NBA was a “thug” league, they must not pay attention to what happens to football players. When has LeBron James ever been in trouble? Kevin Durant? Blake Griffin? Kevin Love? Derrick Rose? Russell Westbrook? Dwight Howard? James Harden? Dwyane Wade? Ya, the face of the NBA is still solid because the players don’t act like a bunch of goons.

I wonder what Roger Goodell thinks of Aaron Hernandez (involved with the murder of a human-being), Titus Young, Chad Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Dez Bryant, Michael Vick, and even Adrian Peterson? I’m sure these guys are not horrible human-beings, but how the hell do they make poor choices? Is it because they can afford to?

In my opinion, Smith should be suspended for one whole season, and then re-evaluated. Making a bomb threat is a serious thing, and should be treated as such. I still don’t understand how he only gets a misdemeanor.

That’s my rant for the day. I would say more, but I wouldn’t be able to type it because it isn’t appropriate.


What do YOU think?

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