How Bad is Minnesota Twins Management?

Get used to it, Twins. This is what it will look like come June, July, and August.
Get used to it, Twins. This is what it will look like come June, July, and August.

There really is no orderly way for me to say any of this, so I’m just going to come out and say it.I’m not happy. Not happy at all. How do you pay $180 million to a catcher-turned-first baseman? Why don’t you sign good free agent talent? Why don’t you keep talent? Why don’t you care about the fans? I have those questions and so many more for the management of the Minnesota Twins.

I wish I had the chance to run the Twins organization because I know I would do a better job than what Terry Ryan and the Pohlads have done so far. It’s embarrassing that a beautiful ballpark houses a Class-A team. It’s like parking your Bentley on the street. That’s not where it goes. It all started when the Twins wanted to get cheap by getting rid of Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, Delmon Young, Justin Morneau, and Denard Span. Then, they traded Ben Revere for Vance Worley, who couldn’t be any worse than horrendous. He isn’t even with the organization anymore. Cuddyer won the National League batting title last season. I don’t know where Young is, but I’m pretty sure he would be the best hitter on our team if the Twins signed him today. Oh, and now we have Kubel back and look! He is actually producing better than anyone in our lineup, including the $180 million man (Joe Mauer)!

Don’t even get me started on the pitching staff. Rick Anderson needs to go. He has taken poor talent and made it even worse. They didn’t want Francisco Liriano anymore, well he just dominated for the Pittsburgh Pirates last season. They thought Joe Nathan was too old. Since leaving, he has racked up 81 saves. They didn’t want Jesse Crain, Jon Rauch, or Matt Guerrier anymore. Well, to say the least, they were better than Anthony Swarzak and Caleb Theilbar.

Their offense is pathetic. I can’t name one starting outfielder. Not one. The Twins clearly have the worst roster in all of professional sports. Ryan and the Pohlads wanted our money to fund a new ballpark and once they got it, they stopped spending money on the thing that matters the most: THE TEAM!

Ticket and food prices are outrageous. A Twins game isn’t even family-friendly anymore. As gut-wrenching as it is to pay $10 for parking, it’s even more agonizing to watch grown men play with the infield dirt and chase butterflies in the outfield grass while an opposing puts up 10 runs against them.

Pretty soon, Target Field will be the only stadium that won’t do the “7th inning stretch” because there will not be anyone at the games. I wonder if the Pohlads will tell Major League Baseball that Minnesota can’t host the 2014 All-Star Game because there will be too many high-priced players participating in all the events?

It won’t get better until the Twins clean house by getting rid of Ryan and manager Ron Gardenhire. Ryan doesn’t know what he is doing anymore. They have zero good players and Gardenhire says the same old thing at press conferences, “Well, they battled their tails off.” Who cares. Bring up Byron Buxton before you ruin him, Minnesota. At least he would sell tickets for two weeks, and if he lights it on fire, maybe the rest of the year. Forget the “Twins Way”. It doesn’t work. I think the Twins caught the “Mediocrity is acceptable in Minnesota sports” bug. The Twins, Timberwolves and Vikings all fall into the class of mediocre or worse, and it’s sad.

It isn’t fun to watch your hometown sports teams suck at every level of suck. I’m not paying $30 for a ticket, $15 for concessions, and $10 for parking to watch Kevin Correia throw mid-80’s fastballs and pitch to contact.

Instead of “pitch to contact”, the Twins should change it to “pitch to lose”.

Because that’s all the Twins do.


What do YOU think?

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