The Minnesota Timberwolves: Road to Success?

Saunders takes over GM duties for the team he used to coach, the Minnesota Timberwolves. (Photo credit to Star Tribune)
Saunders takes over GM duties for the team he used to coach, the Minnesota Timberwolves. (Photo credit to Star Tribune)

The last two years we were supposed to see improvements in our beloved Minnesota Timberwolves. But injuries to key players have derailed the past two seasons for the T’wolves. Now it’s “do or die” time for the T’wolves for two reasons.

  1. Kevin Love is in the 3rd year of his 4-year contract
  2. Fans are getting anxious

Flip Saunders is the new general manager of the team and I’m extremely happy about that. I respect Saunders’ resume and basketball knowledge unlike his predecessor David Kahn. However, the public thinks they know more about basketball than Saunders when it comes to drafting players. Although Shabazz Muhammad wasn’t Saunders’ first choice, I think Muhammad can develop into a solid rotation player and, perhaps, a star in the feature. And let’s not forget Gorgui Dieng. Dieng will be, mark my words, a solid NBA player. He is a big body who can block shots and even hit a mid-range jumper. I love the kid’s work ethic and I think he will be a key piece, albeit in limited minutes, this season.

The signing of Kevin Martin is huge for the T’wolves. This organization has never had a bon-a-fide shooter like Martin, who also excelled in Adelman’s corner offense in Houston and Sacramento. He will be the starting two-guard for a team that hasn’t had a legit-sized two-guard the past two seasons, often starting Luke Ridnour, a back-up point guard in height and ability, alongside Ricky Rubio. Martin is a great shooter and basket-cutter and will provide “microwave” offense for the T’wolves. (If you don’t know what a microwave does to food, use one)

The re-signing of Chase Budinger is also huge for the hometown five. The bouncy swing-man out of Arizona is one of Adelman’s “favorite players to coach.” He missed four months last season due to a knee injury. When he did play, I was impressed. He is a solid shooter with athleticism and some play-making ability. He, like Martin, is also a great basket-cutter.

Minnesota has a solid core of players who have talent, but have yet to stay healthy and play together. No question, I’m a fan of this team and I want to see them succeed. Provided they stay healthy the entire year, I think this team will make the playoffs and could end up making some noise, too.



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