In Mark Sanchez, I Trust


Mark Sanchez
Sanchez could be in for a big year. His back has been against the wall since Tim Tebow arrived. It’s time and he will deliver. (Photo credit to NYDaily News)

I am an avid New York Jet fan. I am not afraid to admit it. Being from Minnesota, I had gotten stomach-sick, to the point that after the 1999 NFC Championship Game loss to the Atlanta Falcons, I had to pick a new team.

Somehow I ended up liking the Jets. The past 12 years have been a rocky, roller-coaster ride that included some memorable moments, including back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances. What happened last year was unfortunate, but everyone is to blame for the last season collapse.

I used to enjoy when my little-talked-about Jets were actually mentioned in the news. But ever since the arrival of Tim Tebow, it has been non-stop BS about how Tebow is going to take Sanchez‘s job. All this nonsense talk about Sanchez being “rattled” is complete bull. I have watched Sanchez a lot since he became a Jet and I will admit that he makes some stupid plays. But I would rather live with his mistakes because he has equity put into this franchise and Tebow is the “new guy”. The dude is on the punt team for crying out loud. Are you kidding me?

It’s so disrespectful to Sanchez that he has to battle for a position that is completely his. It’s even more disrespectful that the Jets didn’t sign any wide-receivers this offseason. His receiving corps consists of Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Dustin Keller, and Stephen Hill. His running back is Shonn Greene, who hasn’t shown an ounce of speed since he ran for a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers in the playoffs two years ago. The organization is asking Sanchez to fail with the weapons, or lack thereof, at his disposal.

That’s why I think Sanchez will have a big year. See, Tebow is not the underdog here; it’s Sanchez. People should be behind Sanchez all the way because Tebow is not the answer. Over-flowing support is something Sanchez should be showered in when he takes the field today. I am rooting for Sanchez to succeed, not because the Jets are my favorite team, but because I like controversy and adversity, and seeing players overcome it. In his first three years, he got the Jets to two AFC Championship Games. Grant it, he didn’t play that well but I don’t think the Jets would have gotten there if Tebow had been the quarterback.

And if Tebow becomes the quarterback this year, I might throw in the towel. If the Jets give up on Sanchez, then I have no choice.

Mediocrity is something I can’t accept.



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