Most Valuable Player Prediction


LeBron James
James is my pick to win another MVP. And the reasoning is simple: no one is better.

LeBron James of the Miami Heat had one of the best seasons a NBA player could ever dream of having. He won the 2012 NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP, a championship, and a Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympic Games. He has won three out of the last four MVP’s and only seems to be entering his prime at age 27, with no slowing down in sight. Is he the favorite to win another MVP?James had one of his greatest seasons in 2011-2012. A man who is more durable than carbon and Kevlar composites, James has played in an average of 76 games per year throughout his career. He put up monstrous numbers this past year, averaging 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game. He shot a career-high 53.1% from the floor and 36.2% from three-point range. He can score, rebound, pass, and defend. I believe he can also lead, now. He led the Heat to the NBA Finals, and was a main reason the Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.

I have a new-found respect for James as a player. I never disrespected him as a person, but I wasn’t fond of his “Decision” and I know a lot of other people weren’t either. But to see what he did this past year was something to behold and cherish for years to come. I didn’t want to go here, but he put on Michael Jordan-like performances against the Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics and Thunder. The dude averaged 30, 9 and 6 in the playoffs, and averaged a double-double for three rounds of the playoffs, including the Finals. He is simply the best player on the planet, no disrespect to Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant. He is physically too big for an average-sized small forward to guard him and too quick for a power forward to guard him. He stepped-up when it was time to make money and showed to be a model of consistency the entire year.

With that being said, is there any player that will challenge to dethrone James?

I think Durant and Bryant will get “respect” votes for MVP and I consider Andrew Bynum to be my “dark-horse” because now we will find out what he can do with a team that is going to be his own. Ultimately, I think James will take home another MVP. With all the pressure of trying to win a title off of his shoulders, James played care-free and easy in the Olympics, when a Gold Medal was on the line.

He is playing with more confidence than should be allowed for a player of his skill level. He is my favorite to win and the reason is simple: there is no one better.



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