The Dark Knight Rises Review (Not a Spoiler!!!)

Christian Bale
Bale starred as Batman and Bruce Wayne in the trilogy and hit a home run in all three movies. (Photo credit to

Seven years ago, movie director Christopher Nolan took on a gargantuan task by bringing Batman back to life with Batman Begins. His trilogy of Batman movies ended Friday morning when The Dark Knight Rises opened in theatres. In my mind, this Batman Trilogy might be the greatest movie trilogy of all time. And here’s why.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

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When I watched Batman Begins for the first time, I realized that Nolan changed Batman’s voice when he was in action. He gave it a rough-n-tough voice for more presence. In earlier movies, Batman spoke in basically the same tone as his alter-ego Bruce Wayne. In earlier Batman movies, we never experience how Bruce Wayne actually became Batman. Yes I know we were given practically the story, but we never experience how and why Batman came to be. In the first movie, Batman faced-off with a long-time, forgotten nemesis: The Scarecrow. Batman also had to fight his training master, Ra’s al Ghul to save Gotham city from inhaling a toxic gas that releases your minds worst fears.

In the second installment, The Dark Knight, Nolan introduced Batman’s most famous and popular enemy: The Joker. Heath Ledger played The Joker, and played it brilliantly. The Joker was a darker character than in earlier movies. He was still funny, but he was more business instead of talk. Harvey “Two Face” Dent was also in the movie. Dent played Gotham’s new District Attorney until the love of his life, and the woman Bruce Wayne also loved, Rachel, was killed. He then turned into Two Face after the explosion burnt half of his body. Batman had to stop The Joker from his terroristic plan of having Gotham kill each other to survive. Again, Batman was successful.

This now brings me to the movie I saw last night: The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan hit the nail-on-the-head, again with this movie. It ties together every single loose end of the previous two movies perfectly. The action is intense, as always, and the actors were spectacular. I have never been a big fan of Anne Hathaway but after what I saw last night, she done changed my opinion. She played the sexiest Catwoman of all time and was more cunning, smarter, and tougher than the previous versions of Catwoman. Tom Hardy plays the role of the super powerful, super villain known as Bane. He does an excellent job acting as Bane and is even a little comical at times throughout the movie. Of course, the same characters play Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth. The story line will is incredibly special and will have you on the edge of your seat. The special effects are absolutely brilliant and not over-done by any means. It’s well worth the price of admission. In fact, I would pay $20 to see this movie if I had to, it’s that good. Without question this is the best movie of the summer and, probably, year and might be one of the best Batman movies of all time. And Christian Bale can now be claimed the best Batman/Bruce Wayne of all time.

If this is truly the end of Batman, for now, it’s one helluva way to go out. If you haven’t seen this movie, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Go see this movie, even if you aren’t a fan of Batman. I don’t go see movies often. But when I do. . . I’m Batman!

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