NBA Free Agency: Heat adds Ray Allen

Ray Allen
Allen will leave Boston for Miami in-search of a second championship.

Ray Allen has decided to join America’s “Most Hated Team”. Last night, the Miami Heat and Allen agreed to terms on a three-year contract worth about $9.5 million. Allen has agreed to take a lot less money than what some other teams, including the Boston Celtics, were offering.

After losing to the Heat in seven games, Boston had two options: 1. Start over or 2. Make deals. Up to this point, they have been trying to do both. They drafted Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo with their two first round picks in the 2012 draft and in free agency they re-signed Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass, and made an agreement with Jason Terry.

Boston still thinks they can make one last run at a championship.

But I don’t think they can, not anymore.

By joining the Heat, Allen has made Miami the odds-on favorite to win the championship next year. He is a tremendous upgrade from Mike Miller and strengthens their bench. Pat Riley made signing Allen a goal and, like he usually does, Riley reached that goal. Boston offered Allen a two-year worth $12 million, including bonuses. But it wasn’t enough to make Allen want to stay.

There were two supposed reasons why Allen didn’t want to return to the Celtics: 1. He had been delegated to Sixth-Man duties because of the sudden-arrival of Avery Bradley and 2. He had a bad relationship with point guard Rajon Rondo. OK, I can believe the first reason as a legit reason about why Allen wouldn’t want to be there, but he could still work out that situation with the team. I believe the second reason is total BS. Unless Rondo was talking bad about Allen behind his back, then what would be his beef with him? Rondo passed him the ball almost every single time he was open during their five years together. Why would Allen complain about Rondo? Sure, Rondo can be a baby sometimes but how do you have a bad relationship with a teammate who does nothing but involve him teammates to the point where sometimes he is too unselfish?

It boggles my mind. Anyway, Allen will join forces with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and don the red, black and white colors of the Heat’s uniform for the next three years. By joining the Heat, it assures fans that Miami will more than likely be coming out of the East for the next three years.

But you never know. Allen might have nothing left in the tank. After all, he shot just 30.4% from three and 71.1% from the free-throw line in the post-season.

What do you think about Allen heading to Miami?


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