“CHALMERS!!! . . .”, LeBron, Heat capture the NBA title

LeBron James
James captured his first NBA title tonight. How many more will he win?

Yes, Mario Chalmers was yelled at, again, in Game 5 but it didn’t bother the former Kansas Jayhawk. He was too busy getting his grind on, along with Mike Miller and Shane Battier. Those three players combined for 44 points and 12 three-pointers. I bet you didn’t even know that LeBron James had a triple-double.

I would like to congratulate the Miami Heat on winning their second championship as a franchise and a personal congratulation to LeBron for winning his first. I have been a big critic of LeBron, but I can’t say anything about him now because he has ended the first part of his career on the highest note possible. He performed extremely well through the playoffs, coming up big when his team needed him. But when he needed his team, minus Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh, they showed up and had his back when it mattered most.

Miller put on a shooting clinic, hitting 7 of 8 from three. I was tweeting jokes about how Miller and Joe Mauer share the same healthcare. Miller could barely walk and I didn’t want to see him out there, but he came up huge for the Heat, giving them momentum with every three-pointer he made. Battier and Chalmers also hit big three-pointers when Miami started to let the lead slip away. Of course, every Heat win wouldn’t be valid without Chalmers getting yelled at by his teammates. Bosh, James and Wade all took their turns talking to the young Chalmers. For some reason he is my favorite player on the Heat. He just has an aura about him that no matter what he does, it will never be good enough. Plus, his name is Mario. Come on, we aren’t playing a video game here.

LeBron finished with a triple-double, and despite being named the MVP of the Finals, I think he was the forgotten player in this game. The scoring was extremely balanced, thanks to the Oklahoma City Thunder doubling James every time he had the ball in a post-up situation. A strategy I thought was terrible by Scott Brooks, LeBron picked the Thunder apart, hitting open shooters for threes and cutting wing players for layups and dunks. Great performance by LeBron and I have no choice but to call him the best player on the planet at this moment.

On a final note, these playoffs have been spectacular. All the comebacks, drama, intensity, emotion, questionable calls, and big performances have been worth my time. I have enjoyed watching and covering the playoffs and I am looking forward to the NBA draft next week and the off-season, that will start on July 1st.

And another great thing: there will be a “next” season to look forward to.


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