Best-of-Luck to Brad Miller

Brad Miller

I can’t say I have ever felt bad for Brad Miller. I remember back in the 2004 Western Conference playoffs when the Sacramento Kings were about to play Game 7 against my beloved Minnesota Timberwolves, Miller attacked comments made by Kevin Garnett. But I can’t deny what Miller has been over his entire career: professional. I enjoyed all the great things I heard about Miller this past season, a season he spent with my Timberwolves. He didn’t play much, but he helped Kevin Love with the “little things” that helped Love make another big jump this season.

Miller was an undrafted free agent who ended up playing 14 seasons in the NBA. At 7-feet tall, Miller could shoot and pass as well as any big man in the league. He averaged 11 ppg, 7.2 rpg and 2.8 apg, and was a viable center for a Sacramento team who was constantly at the top of the standings.

For a guy like Miller, it’s not about his career numbers; because his numbers were not very impressive. But his work ethic, dedication, and toughness kept him in the league for 14 seasons. Guys don’t play 14 seasons anymore, and despite all the injuries he incurred along his travels through the NBA, Miller toughed-it-out.

He isn’t selfish like the modern-day athlete. He was grateful for his opportunity to play the greatest sport (in my opinion) in the world. I was too ignorant tonight to watch the Timberwolves last game tonight because I wanted to watch the NFL draft. In doing so, I missed Miller’s last game against the Denver Nuggets.

I have respect for players like Miller. His attention to detail was second to none and I can see him, if he chooses, coaching in this league someday.

Congrats on a long and prosperous career in the league, Brad Miller. You have worked for everything.

I wish you nothing but success.


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