Lamar Odom, Mavs Done With Each Other

Well, I guess it was fun while it lasted, right? Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks have decided to part ways today. The Mavs have decided to make Odom inactive for the rest of the season instead of releasing him, outright. Odom’s head was never in the right place this season, as he was averaging career-lows in points, rebounds, minutes, and just about every other category that relates to statistics. Odom’s psyche became shaken when he heard news that the Los Angeles Lakers were trying to trade him to the New Orleans Hornets for Chris Paul. The next day, Odom requested he be traded to the Mavericks. But he never quite gelled with the defending champions and came into camp out of shape.

So what’s my take on this?

For the Mavericks, they wasted a couple of second-round draft picks on a guy who was an instrumental part in winning two championships for the Lakers just a few years ago. He used to be one of the best Sixth Man’s in the game and earned a big-time contract because the Lakers loved that he could score, rebound, pass, handle the ball, and knock down three-pointers. He has never been a great defender or free-throw shooter, but he was always in the game when it mattered most.

From watching the reality television show “Khloe and Lamar“, it seemed Lamar had some high anxiety levels because he didn’t know when the season was going to start. He wasn’t able to sleep much and didn’t workout as hard as he should have. I also think he missed being in Los Angeles and playing for the Lakers. It’s hard to move when you have been somewhere for as long as he had. He spent the previous seven seasons playing for the Lakers and the first four seasons of his career playing for the [Los Angeles] Clippers.

It’s like growing up. You know what I mean? It’s like when you turn 13 years-old and your parents won’t allow you to sleep with your blankie anymore, the same blankie you slept with for roughly 13 years. It’s hard to move on, but most people can adjust to their current situations or are able to, at the very least, deal with it.

It’s sad to see something like this happen to a genuine person. Put aside the reality show and that he is married to a Kardashian, Lamar seems to act like a genuine and sincere person. Of course, he loves to be coddled and babied, but who doesn’t? It just disappoints me that he couldn’t give everything he had to a team that is trying to defend their championship.

The Mavericks don’t compare to the Lakers on any stage. There is more pressure, expectations, temptations, glamour, and bullshit in Los Angeles. Dallas, I know you just won a championship, but the Lakers expect to be in or win the Finals every season. But I don’t understand why he couldn’t just come in and do his job. Maybe he missed his “blankie”?

In the end, the Mavericks get what they want: more cap space to land a significant free agent, but also lost a good player.

Maybe Lamar will get another first impression if he ever ends up back in Los Angeles.

It might go like this: “I hopped off the plane at LAX, with a dream and my cardigan, welcome to the  land of fame excess (whoa), am I gonna fit in?”

OK, calm down Miley Cyrus.

But maybe he was thinking that when he arrived in Dallas?

Good luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Odom.


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