Is Dwight Howard the BIGGEST B*tch in Sports?

I have absolutely had enough. I am sick and tired of hearing about Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. I have tried to get away from all of this nonsense. ESPN is even sick and tired of talking about how immature, naïve, ruthless and pathetic Dwight Howard is. First, it was Dwight “wanting” to be traded to Brooklyn or Los Angeles or New York. Well, that didn’t happen. This week, someone told Stan Van Gundy that Dwight told them that he wanted fired. Then, Stan addressed that issue and told the media that he knew all along that Dwight wanted him fired, then Dwight comes over to Stan after the Friday morning shoot-around, makes things awkward as hell for Van Gundy, then Van Gundy bolts from the scene so he doesn’t have to be around Dwight because Dwight had no clue what Stan had just told the media. If I was Stan Van Gundy, I would have put on my best Stephen A. Smith impression and it would go a little something like this (click here).

You want my opinion? I think my opinion might be rated R. But the situation is fucked-up and I just can’t take it anymore. What right does Dwight Howard have to tell people in the front office who to and not to hire as coach? If baby Dwight is frustrated, maybe he should start with his teammates, specifically Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson, to stop chucking-up stupid three-pointers, play some defense, and not to quit on the coach every other night. Oh, did I mention that on Friday night Dwight Howard went out against the New York Knicks and gave the Magic a solid performance? I think he had eight points and eight rebounds? Not bad for an All-Star center going up against Tyson Chandler who, by the way, has a fractured hand.

Whatever happened to basketball players who go out every night and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played? It seems like there are very few guys in the NBA that do that anymore. Howard is 26-years-old, hasn’t won a damn thing in his entire career, except for some pathetic DPOY awards, and I guess he hasn’t matured, mentally, either, in his eight seasons. Not once has he come into a season with a new wrinkle in his game. He, like Blake Griffin, thinks he is God’s gift to the world, when in all reality, he is a very, and I mean very, poor-man’s Shaquille O’Neal. He hasn’t improved his free-throw shooting, has no game outside of 10-ft from the basket, but yet everyone is still in love with this guy?

Former coaching legend Don Meyer once said a very funny, but now very true, thing about Dwight Howard three years ago. I don’t care if it isn’t appropriate for my blog because I have had enough. He said, “Do you want to know why Dwight Howard is not that good? Dwight Howard is not that good because he is a pussy. He is mentally soft and doesn’t have what it takes to become the best.” Honest to God that is what he said about him. Last year, I started telling people that I would rather have Kevin Love instead of Dwight Howard. People thought I was crazy. Well let me ask you this: Do you think I am crazy now?

Everyone understands how good Howard could be, but it does him no good for everyone to know it and not him. Orlando should not be concerned with winning right now because their team is not good enough to win this season. In this day and age, it’s not good enough to make it to the playoffs, especially if you make the playoffs routinely. It’s about championships. Even though Howard is staying for another year, Orlando is not going to get better over that time. It’s going to be the same old team, with the same old coach, with the same old pissed-off superstar.

I don’t blame Van Gundy for putting it out there. Everyone knew that Dwight didn’t like him and wanted him gone. Van Gundy knew it and could care-less, too. No coach should have to put up with the crap he has had to put up with this season. All the drama that Howard has put him and the organization through this season should make management want to get rid of him.

I am just frustrated that a guy, who has done nothing in the league in eight seasons except for one Finals appearance (thanks in large part to Rashard Lewis against Cleveland in Conference Finals), can tell management what to do.

Hey Dwight, have you ever tried going to Stan and talking things out with him? Why are you so frustrated? Oh, is it because you play with a bunch of three-point happy bums? Why don’t you tell them to GIVE YOU THE BALL!? Be a bitch, Dwight. Kobe’s a bitch. Jordan was a bitch, and probably still is a bitch when he practices with the Bobcats (I sure as hell don’t want Gerald Henderson taking jumpers in practice, fuck that). Look at the entire Washington Wizards roster. There are a bunch of bitches on that team (well I guess not anymore). You can’t have it both ways, son. Either you demand the ball every time down the court until the opposing team stops you or wait-out your contract and sign with a new team in a year.

It’s time to put up or shut up.

I think Kayne West was talking about Howard when he said “No one man should have all that power.”


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